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How to Make Housework More Interesting

Film (running time 20:54) with 36 full resolution screengrabs
Created 22 Jan 2012 , updated 23 Feb 2022



Tags: barefoot, behind the scenes, cane, cold caning, consensual, dominance|submission, film, hard punishment, housework, kissing, maidservant, M|F, M|X, nude spankee, Pandora Blake, petticoats, positive, romantic, service, Thomas Cameron, three piece suit, welts

When I'm doing housework, I often amuse myself pretending to be a mistreated maidservant. One morning I come downstairs to find Tom waiting with a cane, ready to bring my fantasy to life.

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It was Frants who originally suggested that I make a film of myself doing housework, naked. I jumped on the idea. It tapped right into my domestic service, historical and physical labour kinks - fetishising not only mistreatment, but hard work and productivity, too.

The floorboards needed scrubbing again. Vintage oak, we loved them but the varnish was wearing off and they took a lot of maintenance. Last time we did the whole downstairs at once, and even with the help of friends it was hours of backbreaking labour on hands and knees, leaving us sore and aching. This time, Tom had already done one of the other rooms, and I'd offered to do this one. What better way to brighten a morning's housework than by making it kinky?

This scene is my fantasy of how it might have worked if Tom had prepared a surprise for me. In reality, I wrote the scene and asked his help to set it up. With him looking dashing in a waistcoat, me dressing up in the old Victorian maid's uniform I used to wear to wait on him, and eighteen cane strokes, my morning was looking considerably brighter. Suddenly, a difficult chore became a challenge of my submission, my endurance and a self-indulgent hour of hard work and suffering.

Scrubbing, naked, on all fours, I stopped feeling grumpy about how long the job was taking and wallowed in the sensations of the wet wood under my knees, enjoyed the tingling of the cane welts as they slowly faded, and focused on the task at hand, determined to do a good job not only for its own sake, but to please Tom. Being watched by the camera as I scrubbed only added to the piquancy. It's funny how a shift of perspective can make a boring job so much more interesting. 

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Behind the scenes: Scrubbing a floor naked for 60 minutes

Full, uncut, unexpurgated footage of my hour-long naked housework experience. Watch the welts fade and the floorboards get cleaner as I scrub the whole thing on my hands and knees, in a single cut, without a break. I loved indulging my maidservant fantasy, and the clean floor was rather satisfying too!

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You had mentioned this on Spanked Not Silenced. Definitely a way to make a boring physically job interesting if you have a kinky perspective. Screen grabs are lovely, but to my 'eye' the ones you missed was were you let your petticoat fall and one of you alone in the maid's uniform. Do you have the matching split crotch drawers? Again this site is a bargain.


I love it! a similar hard labor, nude, fully nude....ouch

Yay! Did you like the full 60 minute film as well? I'm not sure I'd be interested in watching it personally but I was assured that some people would want to see it, so interested to hear if that was correct.

Really interesting to hear which screengrabs you'd pick out! Obviously I'm limited by space - I try to keep each film at 30 captures, but sometimes I can't choose between them and go over (I did indulge myself a little more with Caning Merit Badge, I'll admit) :)

I do have split crotch bloomers but I think no underwear was just as common under petticoats, as I'm wearing here. The bloomers are a whole fetish unto themselves, and one I have explored in films still to be published... although there's still more work to be done, I feel!

The best pictures are where you guys are kissing :)

There's a reason it has its own tag :)


I fall in love everyday with youu!! (L)

Bless you! :)

So Lovely!

I finally was able to see this in its entirety & enjoyed it very much. I will definitely scrub floors with a different perspective from now on!


Thankyou, I'm glad you liked it! It was a bit of a challenge putting this film together in a non-skeevy way, but I don't think the emphasis on romance and consent does the fantasy any harm.

I can highly recommend doing housework in the nude, especially if you enjoy melodrama! Although I wouldn't try it at this time of year...


I enjoyed this immensely, just wish I could get my girlfriend to do housework in the nude. Trouble is it would shock my son.
Please don't go getting housemaids knee Pandora.


Ah, but it's not about "getting" one's girlfriend to do anything - this scene is very much about the fact that it's my own fantasy! If it DOES happen to be her fantasy, I'm sure you could explore the idea if you were ever on holiday child-free?


Being caned on your bare buttocks must have been a great reward for scrubbing the floor. An excellent scene has been very well put.

The caning wasn't so much a reward (it happened beforehand) but a great way to get me into a submissive headspace. Loved shooting this scene!

The sight of you scrubbing the floor naked was so incredibly erotic, with the pigtails and your bottom slightly raised - wow, i actually preferred to the caning! It reminded me of a comment you made on your blog about a Victorian spanking pic where you enjoyed the submissive nature of the woman being punished (she was in a similar position to you, head bowed face out of sight). I think some producers seem to get obsessed about showing the spankee's face which I'm glad you don't do.

See I can like a video with not much knicker action!

I do love showing the spankee's face but for this sequence, the long shot seemed to be the way forward. This was definitely something a bit different but I really enjoyed it. I'd love to do more naked work humiliation videos!


I think you missed a bit Pandora !

What, your muddy footprints you mean? :)

Making Housework..Incredably Interesting...

Like the scenes...so tantalising to see, housework so interesting..and looking superb Pandora, but think you need to clean the floor again.

Oh no, is it dirty AGAIN? The work never stops! ;)

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