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Hand Spanking Demo

Film (running time 17:05) with gallery of 16 photographs.
Created 26 Aug 2022, last updated 28 Aug 2022



Tags: behind the scenes, consensual, firm hand spanking, F|F, hand spanking, instructional, Molly Malone, playful, real life, Zoe Montana

Join Zoe Montana and Molly Malone for a thorough lesson in how to give a perfect hand spanking - complete with a few gorgeous OTK demonstrations on Molly’s beautiful backside!

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There’s an art to giving a good spanking - and an art to receiving one, too. This film is a gorgeous deep dive into the the anatomy of a spanking session, covering a whole range of delicious topics: the difference between thuds and stings, the ways you can use your hand to create the sensations you and your partner want, how positioning and aim affect the experience and the techniques you might use for an erotic or pleasure spanking vs. a spanking intended for punishment and pain.

Zoe and Molly are both excellent teachers, and it’s clear how much they’re enjoying the chance to give a demonstration! It’s not long before Zoe’s bottom is glowing red, and all in the name of helping you to enjoy your own playtimes even more.

And as a parting treat, Molly gets a truly legendary spanking at the hands of a real expert: turns out it’s called ‘The Montana’ for a reason... 

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Hand Spanking Demo - Behind the Scenes

This was a very real, candid film - but there are still a few bloopers to share with you all! Ringing phones, lost camera angles and furniture arrangements all crop up, but none of it gets in the way of us bringing you a delightfully thorough spanking education.

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I think I'd have to irritate Zoe just to get myself on the wrong (right) end of a spanking from her. Her spankings look delightfully hard and stingy XX

I'm lucky enough to speak from experience and confirm your observation: her hands give a hard and delicious spanking!

Your hands give deliciously hard spankings as well Pandore, and I too am speaking from experience :)

So happy to see this. I thought that it was one of the films that was accidentally deleted that day.

Molly and Zoe are wonderful.

It has been buried in some files and I finally got a chance to dig it out! They are fantastic :)

Haven't seen Molly in a long time. I saw quite a few Pandora-Molly video, taking turns spanking each other. I remember when she beat you at arm-wrestling Pandora and got to spank you :)
Then there was the time you came into the kitchen when she was baking and decided to spank her for your please ;)

This is from those very shoots! I found the footage and it was too good not to share. We have had many fun spanking encounters over the years, haven't we?

I pine!

This is sooooo cute, and such a throw back! The behind the scenes made me miss Zoe so so so much. Literally watching this and pining so hard! Thanks for digging it out Blake! xxxx

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