Hand Spanking Demo

Film (17:05) with 16 photographs
Zoe Montana gives Molly Malone a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom

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There’s an art to giving a good spanking – and an art to receiving one, too. This film is a gorgeous deep dive into the the anatomy of a spanking session, covering a whole range of delicious topics: the difference between thuds and stings, the ways you can use your hand to create the sensations you and your partner want, how positioning and aim affect the experience and the techniques you might use for an erotic or pleasure spanking vs. a spanking intended for punishment and pain.

Zoe and Molly are both excellent teachers, and it’s clear how much they’re enjoying the chance to give a demonstration! It’s not long before Zoe’s bottom is glowing red, and all in the name of helping you to enjoy your own playtimes even more.

And as a parting treat, Molly gets a truly legendary spanking at the hands of a real expert: turns out it’s called ‘The Montana’ for a reason…

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Hand Spanking Demo - Behind the Scenes

This was a very real, candid film – but there are still a few bloopers to share with you all! Ringing phones, lost camera angles and furniture arrangements all crop up, but none of it gets in the way of us bringing you a delightfully thorough spanking education.


2 Responses

  1. Probably one of the best “How to” videos I have seen. They both looked like they were having allot of fun. Had never thought of the funnishment/punnishment negioation. Some really good things to think on.

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it! We have another “how to” video coming out later this year which I’m really excited to show you, we had a LOT of fun making it.

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