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Eryn Dreams of Spanking

Film (running time 15:53) with gallery of 90 screengrabs
Created 18 Nov 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performers: Pandora Blake, Eryn Rose



This lush, dreamlike scene starring Eryn Rose and Pandora Blake will transport you to another world - complete with a thorough strapping and paddling to Eryn’s bare backside.

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, CFNF, CFNX, consensual, Eryn Rose, film, F|X, nude spankee, paddle, Pandora Blake, queer, strap, X|X

Eryn has been waiting for this for a long time. When they get out of the bath, their instructions are waiting in a letter on the hotel room dressing table: strip off, present, be ready.  Wait for me.

Pandora is on her way.

Eryn isn’t the only thing laid out on the bed, displayed and anticipatory. There’s a collection of implements, too: a pair of well-worn straps, shiny paddles made of padded leather and polished wood.

When Pandora finally arrives, she gives the waiting Eryn a spanking that is as sensual as it is thorough. Both seem to radiate a palpable relief; they’ve been waiting for this for a long time, too long. But they keep to the rules of engagement. Present. Wait for me. Stay silent.

When she’s finally finished, when Eryn is rosy-red and melting and satisfied, Pandora pauses for a moment before she leaves. There’s an envelope with her name on it on the bedside table; instructions, of course. The cycle goes on.

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Eryn Dreams of Spanking - Behind the Scenes

Performers: Pandora Blake, Eryn Rose

This luxurious scene necessitated an amount of planning and figuring out - particularly while trying to shoot it in a hotel without disturbing or confusing any of the other guests! Step backstage with us for a while to meet Eryn (who really is remarkably stunning) and find out how this dream-like fantasy story came to be.

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Silent, and lovely

The absence of dialog works very well, I think. The envelope exchange is another nice touch, leaving room for a follow-up session. Now, what could that look like?

I really enjoyed the absence of dialog, absolutely. The option of a sequel is something I would jump at, filming this was a pleasure. I'd love to hear your ideas of what it could look like x


For me the scene shares the passion and silence of Roses dance in Strictly the other week.
Eryn presents with the delicate beauty of a white rose and the rosebud tint of femininity.
Pandora in this is the dark autumnal thorny aspect which complements the rose. She is a gentle bee inseperable from her sting...a presence to which the rose presents. and the outcome is honey..
So pleased that there was no punishment narrative.
Lovely music too.. superb pace cinematography and directing. xx

A beautiful reference!
The wordless exchange felt very intimate and tells so much from the body language, I found.
Really glad you enjoyed x


This is so stunningly beautiful! Not to mention extremely hot. 😳

Beautiful, hot, gorgeous - all of that!

There are some fabulous views of Eryn, seductive nude presentations of full, round buttocks and thighs.

Such gorgeous shots. Marcus really knows how to capture them!


So lovely. Absolutely beautiful!

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