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The Dinner Party

Film (running time 18:50) with gallery of 12 screengrabs.
Created 23 Sep 2022, last updated 23 Sep 2022



Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron invite friends Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford for a classy evening of food and wine that quickly degenerates into a delicious display of decadence.

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Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, behind the scenes, bondage, cane, CMNF, dominance/submission, erotic, hand spanking, Hywel Phillips, M|f, M|x, Pandora Blake, playful, Thomas Cameron, wooden spoon

Pandora and Thomas thought they knew how the evening would go. They’d invited another couple to dinner, and set out a beautifully classy spread - with the pièce de résistance being Pandora’s beautiful selection of desserts. Dipped strawberries are an awfully sensuous experience, though, and it’s not long before Hywel starts to get an idea...

It turns out, much to everyone’s mutual surprise, that both couples enjoy a little dominance play and nobody here is a stranger to the cane. Amelia finds herself thrown over the table first, her back serving as a platter for the tempting delicacies on offer. Pandora soon joins her, blushing with feigned reluctance before giving in entirely to the intimacy of the moment.

This film is as decadent as the food arrayed across its performer’s bodies, and by the end Pandora and Amelia make a truly delicious display - bottoms red, faces flushed and skin smeared with chocolate syrup.

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The Dinner Party - Behind The Scenes

We've got something a bit special for you this week. This is older footage, and we'd lost some of the audio for it - so we brainstormed a couple of different ways to make it work. In the end we love the musical spanking montage we settled on, but an earlier idea was too good to waste! Join Pandora and Amelia (with a few guest comments from Hywel) as they give an in-character commentary on the spanking as it unfolds, recounting how they felt throughout and what their reactions to it are in the aftermath. It's a lot of fun to listen to, and includes a little bonus spanking to go along with it...

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Such fun!

This looked like it was so much fun to do. I think if I had the opportunity to do something like this I would absolutely love it!

Wish they would do this on 'Come Dine with me',their viewing figures would go through the roof!

This is fabulous, a real feast for the eyes and ears! The behind the scenes video is almost better than the main feature, especially the commentary from Pandora and Amelia with interjections from Hywel and the extra off-screen spanking for Amelia. Altogether special and wonderful.

By coincidence I have just discovered a Paula Meadows video from 1983, You'll Enjoy the Feeling, in which a dinner party ends with dessert (including
strawberries and cream) consumed off the naked, recumbent Paula. Was your video a conscious tribute to the lovely and hugely talented Paula?

I think those are the knickers you wore in The Pupil Teacher, spanked by headmaster Mr. Stern :)

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