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Defying Her Dominance

Film (running time 12:39) with gallery of 57 screengrabs
Created 3 Sep 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Carlos Green has been out too late and forgotten to text - and girlfriend Pandora Blake is not amused. Clearly it’s time to remind him who the boss around here is!

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, Carlos Green, domestic, domestic discipline, dominance|submission, edgy, film, F|M, hand spanking, OTK, Pandora Blake, X|M

The pubs are open, and Carlos is keen to spend time with his friends - but if he insists on doing so without letting his disciplinarian girlfriend know when he’ll be home, there will be consequences.

Carlos is delightfully bratty all through this scene, resisting the terms of their agreement and feigning ignorance as to why this is a punishable offence. All the same, he’s brought this on himself: before long he’s bent over Pandora’s lap with his bare bottom exposed, taking his spanking like the naughty little boy he is. 

His lack of repentance earns him a paddling and some corner time, but that’s not all. Pandora makes it clear that this isn’t the only sore red bottom he’ll get for this transgression - after all, she can’t declare the punishment over until he’s accepted the error of his ways!

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Defying Her Dominance - Behind The Scenes

Building a dynamic takes some work, both on screen and off - particularly when your submissive partner is in reality probably taller and stronger than you are! In this week's backstage extra Carlos and Pandora establish their rapport, figure out what works for them both and argue with a recalcitrant belt buckle.

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Interview with Carlos Green
Carlos Green, Pandora Blake

Carlos Green made his debut on screen with us in Defying Her Dominance and the sequel, Yielding to Her Dominance. Pandora sat down with him to debrief after their shoot together, and find out more about his journey into the world of spanking.

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Great movie

Very appropriate punishement for faliing to call and failing to appologize. I assume that his drinking has impaired his cognitive abilities temporarily, and he will be much more cooperative in the morning!

Punishing a person taller and stronger than you is good to show your dominance.

I like Mr. Green's accent. I was wondering where he is from.

I would certainly hope so - there may be another instalment to this story to see if he learns his lesson ;)
He was born in Brighton and then lived in Zimbabwe for many years! Now back in England :)

The Empire Spanks Back

That Star Wars stormtrooper cos is so sexy Pandora. Glad you left off the helmet so we can see your magnificent moody face. Carlos looks great too in his rebel resistance shirt. I would have liked to have had a longer look at that oriental underwear of his. But the sight of his beautiful cock is adequate compensation for that.
To be honest, when I saw that this weeks video featured a guy with a beard, my heart sank a little. Beards are such a signifier of masculinity and my aged brain immediately structures the scene on traditional power dynamic lines. Maybe I have seen too many Thomas Cameron movies? Inflexible Cis man with beard dominates pliant doe eyed female spankers.
Anyway, Carlos won my heart as soon as he spoke. And his erection was an eloquent statement of consent. At first sight, I did not expect to be really stimulated by seeing him spanked. But I really was. Very enjoyable scene xx

Love that we're continuing to subvert your expectations of our films. You make an excellent point about beards, that's certainly something worth revisiting.
Really happy to hear you enjoyed this - there may be more to come of this story...


A scene where insist a guy shave off his beard, in order to "feminise" him---that may be interesting!

It would be quite the commitment from the performer!


Yes, this would be very interesting & may be open to exploring this in a future film. My beard does grow back quickly though. Plus I do own most of the kit for being feminised:)

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