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A God-Fearing Christian Girl

Film (running time 8:21) with gallery of 60 screengrabs
Created 22 Oct 2021, last updated 23 Oct 2021



John Osborne’s business is in trouble, so his friend Sarah Gregory agrees to help him out - but a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pandora Blake wasn’t exactly part of the deal...

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, domestic, edgy, film, F|F, hairbrush, John Osborne, Pandora Blake, Sarah Gregory, school uniform

John is a modern, progressive kind of guy - and he’s running a modern, progressive kind of farm. His finances though are rather in dire straits, so when a major cross-denominational Christian organisation comes to him wanting to make a large purchase (but only if he’s a God-fearing Christian farmer)...well, he’s willing to go along with it, for the sake of saving his business. He even manages to rope in a friend to play his daughter, pigtails and crucifix and all.

This extra little detail pays off, too: when the prospective new client purports to have found a better deal elsewhere, it’s Sarah’s impassioned “teenage” outburst that wins them back. But there’s a cost, and it must be paid by Sarah’s bare backside - which is how she winds up kicking and wriggling in pain over Mrs. Cheever’s lap.

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A God-Fearing Christian Girl - Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes this week we're fighting with a bit of dialogue that just won't stick in John's head (it happens to the best of us) and hashing out the finer details of a surprisingly complicated plot. Thanks to the continuity department, Sarah winds up taking part of her bare-bottom spanking twice over - we mustn't forget the all-important pigtails!

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Sarah Gregory is very lovely. Actually last time I saw her she was smacking your bare bum Pandora and it was very fun to watch!

She is a wonderful spanker and an equally wonderful spankee: it's so great to have her back on the site!

I also remember some pics long ago of you both being spanked as schoolgirls alongside each other, possibly after you'd been fighting :)

Good memory!

Great video

I just loved this one, Sarah makes a wonderful adult school girl. I loved her face when you took the hairbrush from your hand bag

Her expressions really enhance every scene she's in!

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