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Biker Girl

Film (running time 9:25) with gallery of 40 photographs
Created 22 Nov 2013 , updated 14 Apr 2022



Tags: behind the scenes, belt, consensual, defiance, denim, domestic, fair, film, hard punishment, Lola Marie, M|F, photogallery, scolding, stockings, Thomas Cameron, Tyler Gray

Tom doesn't mind picking up Lola - and her bike - in his van after she came off the road at 3am, but then he finds out she'd been drinking. It's time to teach this tough biker girl a lesson she won't forget.

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Tom isn't impressed when he gets a call from his mate Lola in the middle of the night asking him to pick up her and her bike in his van after she came off the road. Luckily, she wasn't hurt, but her bike was a bit worse for wear, and Tom had to call in a favour to get one of his friends to fix it up for her.

When he finds out she'd been drinking, he's tempted to confiscate her helmet for a few weeks to knock some sense into her. Lola is outraged, but he's determined to teach her a lesson one way or another - one even this tough biker girl won't forget. He gives her a choice: a slow lesson, stay off the road for a couple of months; or quick one, take a 30 stroke thrashing from his belt. When Lola realises he's serious, she doesn't take long to decide. She's a biker. She always prefers speed. 

Photography: Tyler Gray

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes photo 1 from Biker Girl at Dreams of Spanking Behind the scenes photo 2 from Biker Girl at Dreams of Spanking
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Biker Girl: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes video from the filming of Biker Girl, including out-takes, Pandora making sure she captures the exact moment when Tom removes his belt, London accents, Lola's hold up stockings getting stuck to her, negotiating stroke intensity, and hugs afterwards.

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Interview with Lola Marie
Lola Marie, Pandora Blake

At the end of Lola Marie's first shoot for Dreams of Spanking, she and Pandora chat about the scenes they've filmed and which Lola liked best. Lola tells all about spanking, switching, making videos and what sort of play she enjoys at home. A fascinating insight into the life of this remarkable young lady!

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Biker Girl

For me, that is first class. It is what true punishment is all about, a good telling off followed my a good hiding. Well done Lola, and Thomas, your accuracy with the belt is to be commended.
More of these short sharp films please, Pandora.

Thank you Johnny! I was surprised by how short this film turned out, but my intention is always to let scenes be the length they are, whatever feels natural, rather than artificially shortening or lengthening them at all to meet some sort of time quota.

I love hard belt whippings and this was extremely hot from my point of view behind the camera, both in Tom's delivery, and in how well Lola took it! Her resilience and subtle responses are perfectly suited to this sort of tough girl character.

Thomas and Lola

Two people with fantastic personalities. I really hope that we get to see Lola as a top in 2014.

Me too! :)

Hail Lola Marie and Thomas

Great scene. The powerful soft-metal/rock intro sets a grungy tone which fits really well. I am amazed at Lola Marie's capacity to take what look like really pretty firm strokes. The theme of punishment for drink driving's been done by a few producers over the years but I think the interaction between Thomas and Lola Marie here is really endearing and marks the film out.

Ok, so the film itself is great. But the behind the scenes film is a treasure. Mainly because for a nylon fetishist like me the superb extended stocking top adjustment!! Not only does Lola Marie attempt adjustments but you step in to help complete the job, Pandora. And Lola Marie is so mega hot in this gear. Hard rocker leather jacket, tee shirt and jeans on top, and delicate sexy lingerie underneath. Great combo. And Thomas is dead right; the contrasts of pink and leopard print in those panties is awesome but also for me how they also set off lacy stocking tops. Spanking and sexy lingerie - can't beat that combination IMO.

I was amazed at Lola's capacity too. I kept checking in with her and just had to trust her when she said she was OK.

For me what made this scene stand out was the friendship between the two characters. This isn't the discipline of a parent or boyfriend, it's not someone with any natural authority - it's one mate who wants the best for another and is frustrated by what seems to be careless, self-destructive behaviour. I didn't have a strong idea in my head of how the dialogue would play out, and I thought Lola and Thomas made it really believable.

Glad you liked the behind the scenes film! Stockings under jeans is a fetish of Tom's and I enjoying indulging it from time to time. In this story it seemed plausible because Lola had been out at a bar the night before, dressed up sexy, but then had her sturdy biking clothes with her as well, which she presumably just threw over the top. Lola is always sexy, but I definitely wanted an excuse to dress her up in leathers - and in sexy lingerie! Both at once, even better :)

Carries Conviction!

M/F CP not generally my taste, nor are pervertables but I downloaded this scene because Lola said in interview it was her favourite from the day's shoots.

I'm really glad I did. Thank you Lola.

With virtually no acting dimension in the actual strapping, it carries conviction like no other spanking-porn movie I've seen.

There's a place for your (Pandora's) checking in with Lola in the ancillary behind-the-scenes movie - just a 4 or 5 second shot somewhere along the line to represent this personal concern would be great.

This movie will be kept and viewed repeatedly, and good for you, Lola, favouriting it.


Wow….Lola is such a sexy lady and she looks like she’s really enjoying herself here….and Thomas too……..I love the way she gives as much as she gets not seeming too phased by the whole ordeal but really enjoying herself at the same time, yes they are hard strokes and she takes them perfectly…………..just sensational…………thanks……………where Thomas says don’t do it again………we’re all saying……….yes Lola damage the bike again really soon please !!!!!!!!

Behind the Scenes

... that just gave me a much needed giggle. <3 That was a really good day.

good day

Well it certainly looked like a good day from where we're all sitting.........really excellent stuff.


Love this scene guys thanks for the lovely comments!! :) xx

Sorry but Lola looks a little like Mrs. Steve Urkel ;)

This was a fantastic scene! I really enjoyed it. Thomas looks amazing in a leather jacket. And Lola's attitude was perfect.

It's a great scene, putting a tough nut in her place!

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