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Whipping Dawn

Audio story (running time 12:45) by Thomas Cameron
Created 17 Jan 2012, last updated 13 Oct 2021

Narrator: Thomas Cameron



Tags: audio, belt, consensual, dominance|submission, erotic, explicit sex, kissing, M|F, oral sex, romantic, stockings, Thomas Cameron, true story

I asked Tom to tell me about the first time he whipped a lover with a belt. The result was hot enough to share. Curl up with this erotic, intimate personal memoir of dominance and submission.

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This was hot when we were recording it, but listening to it again without having to think about audio levels and things, it was even better. Mmmmm. Thankyou for this, love :)

I shall be interested to see what the audience reaction is ;)

Whipping Dawn

I enjoyed this audio so very much. Such a beautiful combination – an exquisite recounting of a hot and memorable scene along with a very strong, sexy voice. Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you very much :) I've always been quite proud of my voice; it's a useful tool in film work, and I also perform as a singer and storyteller in real life. The scene itself is one of my really treasured memories from my own apprenticeship as a Top, it was one of the times when I got things properly right.

Glad you liked it :)

So beautifully written and read.

Delighted that this is being enjoyed so many years later :)

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