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Alex's Sponsored Caning

Film (running time 12:02) with gallery of 27 screengrabs
Created 23 Apr 2015 , updated 30 May 2015



Alex Reynolds bravely submits to a sponsored caning. Wearing a short school dress, she lies face-down on the bed. Paul Kennedy pulls her knickers down and gives her 50 firm, fast strokes with the cane.  

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Tags: Alex Reynolds, Backlash sponsored caning, bare bottom, cane, cats in porn, crying, domestic, film, interview, M|F, Paul Kennedy, real couple, real life, white cotton knickers

Produced, directed and edited by Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy.

Some beatings are best delivered quickly and firmly. Alex Reynolds bares her gorgeous bottom for a fifty stroke caning, and Paul Kennedy obliges with a swift flurry of strokes that leaves her crying on the bed.

Her bare bottom turns into a bright red patch of cane marks, and Alex sobs and wriggles as each stroke falls. But she is determined to make it through all fifty strokes – each one representing a £10 donation towards the fight against the UK porn laws. The new laws see many independent UK porn producers at risk of prosecution for making spanking, caning, and other consensual BDSM videos.

Since the law change, Alex and Paul have moved their website, and entire operation – Northern Spanking – out of the UK. But for many producers this is impossible, not to mention undesirable – imagine being told that your livelihood was now illegal where you live! So in support of those who are staying to fight the laws, Alex takes a sponsored 50 stroke caning from Paul, and they're releasing the scene as a free porn video. Please share it far and wide, and donate to Backlash if you can.


I'm glad that we were able to help out, and I hope everyone enjoys this film.

Punk was proud to join the cast of Dreams of Spanking, as well as the "cats in porn" tag.

He's the first non-Fatface cat on that tag!

Thanks so much for this awesome guest film. You were very brave and pretty and the interview is fantastic too. It's an honour to feature it :)

Surprised and surprised

I was surprised by TWO things.

1) Paul Kennedy GENUINELY canes hard! Harder than Nimue! (No wonder why you were sobbing on the bed)
2) A cat 'intruded' into this film, and his name is PUNK XD

Alex s Swishing .

Well done Alex in taking your whacking for the great cause we are all very proud of you lovey and the other girls for their contributions ,best spanks from , Tim hugs.

Alex's sponsored caning

I loved your reactions, just the right amount of squeals and sobs. Nothing worse than a bottom who does not react, might as well can a dead pig!
Keep up the good work.
PS when does the cat get to cane you?

Punk's implement of choice is claws. He usually feels the need to apply a few pokes when I refuse to wake up at his deemed "get up time" at 4:00 AM to give him a fuss! :P

Sponsored caning

You have my sympathy, my son's cat used to rip the stair carpet, in spite of my purchase of a special cat-scratching post and "irresistible" catnip liquid.
Like the name "Punk".

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