A Helping Hand

Film (16:25) with 52 photographs
Preview image for Helping Hand. Fauni Cate is over Richard Barton's knee for a bare bottom spanking

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“Does this help you focus?”

The best therapy for stress at work is a good, hard stress relief spanking in this male/male spanking film. Submissive boy Fauni Cate pays a visit to his paternal disciplinarian, Dr. Richard Barton. Fauni has been having a difficult time at work and is in need of some of Richard’s loving discipline to help centre him. And Richard is more than happy to provide. First things first, he takes Fauni over the knee for a thorough OTK spanking, slowly stripping him down from his jeans to his bare bottom.

Assuring Fauni that he’s proud of how his good boy is taking the pain, Richard then tells him to take off the rest of his clothes and select one of the implements he has laid out. Fauni opts to take a severe strapping, before realising he's bitten off more than he can chew, and asking Richard to switch to something a little less formidable. Richard takes a wooden paddle to hand, pinking up Fauni’s beautiful bare bottom and using discipline to release his tension.

Finishing off with five – plus one, for tradition’s sake – hard swats of the paddle, Richard reassures Fauni that he’s been a good boy. And as Fauni kneels naked beside Richard, curling up in his loving arms, the look in his eyes tells you all you need to know – yes, this does help him focus.

Photography: Pandora Blake

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Fauni Cate

In Fauni’s debut porn performer interview, he lets us into what turns him on – a wide variety of things! Fauni describes himself as a queer, subby switch, with a penchant for sadism when he’s indulging his dominant side. Before shooting Fauni’s first ever spanking film, he and Pandora discuss upcoming plots, and the fact that in his first scene – Pride – he’s definitely playing the unfairly punished good guy to Dr Barton’s strict and horrible authority figure.

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