The Galleristas

Film (10:27) with 36 photographs
Preview image for Galleristas. Nimue Allen, dressed in tight jeans and a revealing top, spanks Michael Darling on the bare bottom, as Pandora Blake watches on

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Guerilla activists are on a mission to bring equality to the art world. The girls pounce on unsuspecting male gallery owners and beat them until they promise to represent more female artists. Viva la revolution!

Photography: Thomas Cameron

Preview Gallery

The Galleristas - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of The Galleristas, including outtakes, scene planning, and accidentally calling “cut” over a paddle stroke. But it’s okay, the spank wasn’t wasted – you can see it here instead.

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26 responses

  1. How incredibly fortunate for Michael there is little women’s art displayed within his exhibition, I bet deep down he knew The Galleristas were on their way…..I know I would have removed every single piece of women’s art if it resulted in being chastised hard by Pandora and Nimue simultaneously taking their revenge…………

    Just superb and the ladies look gorgeous, Michael doesn’t look half bad either…….Oh what I wouldn’t give to be in Michaels shoes right now………..superb…………

    Another beautiful scenario………well done cast, crew, techies, produces & directors.

  2. John Codders has said it all. I shall be in Michael`s shoes in my dreams for a good while . Pandora Nimue and Michael , you are all sensational – Thank you .
    The more of MF of this quality I see particularly with Michael looking so attractive , is strangely having the effect of drawing this dedicated sub into enjoying some FM these days. Keep your stream of creative talent flowing Pandora .

  3. Yesterday my favorite thing in the whole wide World was Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. Today it’s Michael’s very spankable bum, which is probably the more healthy option.

  4. Attagirl. Michael’s spankable bum is always one of my favourite things 🙂

  5. I’ve always maintained that there’s nothing inherently unsexy about F/M, just about the traditional way it’s filmed. Glad to see we’re persuading more people to see the appeal of it. Come over to the dark side, we have sexy spanked men 😉

  6. My word, if the Galleristas thought you were deliberately provoking them, the punishment would be SO much worse. Cat o’ nine tails at the ready!

    I loved this scenario, and I loved it even more because Michael suggested it. I personally like to have the spankee as the good guy and the tops as the baddies, so I probably wouldn’t have suggested it. But Michael being willing to put his bum on the line to raise awareness of gender inequality… omg, I couldn’t say no. So much respect. It was a hot scene to play out, too 🙂

  7. Probably more than your bottom’s worth to be found provoking the Galleristas, however, if they proved beyond doubt that this was indeed the case, then of course I would not hesitate surrendering myself to the punishment that was about to bestowed upon me…….hopefully this would put things to rights………cat o’ nine tails……….yeah……no worries……..bring it on Gallerista Ladies…………..gulp !!!! I could be eating those words.

  8. Yes again a funny and excellent film. Michael and Nimue are excellent. An Pandora wearing these tight leather shorts look marvellous. She looks so marvellous that deserves to receive a sound spankiing over the shorts!!.

  9. I was in an art gallery last week. Does that count?

    Hopefully there’s a sequel when the pol;ice catch the Galleristas and spank them!

  10. Yes what a great idea…..the Galleristas end up getting a lovely long hard spanking……each !!!!!

  11. Oh yes that would be fabulous……I bet Nimue won’t need asking twice……bring it on the Galleristas……bare your gorgeous bottoms and take what’s coming to you……….

  12. I don’t think so, the idea of the scene as Michael conceived it was that the sexist gallery owner learned his lesson. 🙂

  13. Ah in that case I guess it was a perfect ending. We’ll have to wait to see Michael have his pleasure again sometime in the future similar to the fabulous scene ‘A Pleasure to Serve’ where Michael I think really enjoyed having you over his lap………I think you enjoyed it too……..

  14. Ha! You wish. I’m not the one going around preying on innocent citizens, disturbing the public order or whatever you Brits call it. And besides that, blood ain’t my thing. Mine or anybody else’s.

    But I do think you two would look good tied to one of those X shaped things with about six nice stripes across your asses. And to pile it on, Michael gets to watch.

  15. This is simply fantastic! Omg…pouncing on the poor, unsuspecting Michael. I loved, LOVED your cute little facial expression Pandora towards the end with Michael’s pout. He, at that point was utterly defeated. You and Nimue are amazing, as is the wonderful Darling Michael. 🙂

    (I have been absent lately due to college finals…missed you guys.)

  16. Thank you! Glad you liked this one. The pouncing bit was particularly fun 🙂

  17. That big bum of yours Michael!!

    I’m sure you ladies just love playing with it!!

  18. It is always exciting when two women gang up on one guy for a bare bottomed spanking.

  19. Great film! But I really shouldn’t be watching right now because I’m at work! It’s a good job we don’t have customers in on Mondays!

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