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Preview image for Introducing Fauni. Fauni Cate is holding his hood up and looking at the camera. He has blonde hair and facial piercings.

Fauni Cate is a total punk-porn dream in thick black eyeliner, piercings and a studded leather collar. As he treats us to his sultry stare – and occasional flashes of a charming smile – it's fair to say we're pretty smitten with Fauni already.

This is queer porn performer Fauni's debut – not just his first venture onto Dreams of Spanking, but his first porn shoot ever. We're sure you'll love him as much as we do.

In this candid photoset he poses for the camera – starting in heavy black boots and a dark hoodie, then stripping to reveal his tight underwear. And, of course, the pants come down as he looks over his shoulder and grins.

Fauni is a queer and kinky trans man, and also describes himself as a subby switch and sadist. Something tells us we're going to have a lot of fun with him… 

Photography: Pandora Blake


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  1. He’s cute, all but the hairy butt! I can’t imagine spanking that! Any chance he’d really bare his pretty bum?

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