The Evacuees

Film (15:26) with 53 photographs
Preview image for The Evacuees. Richard Barton has schoolboy Alexander Knight over his knee, spanking him on the bare bottom, as Molly Malone stands in the corner, her red bottom on display with her knickers down and skirt pulled up

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In part one of this new story, we see evacuees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight sent to the imposing country house of Dr Richard Barton. They may be safe from the war that's ravaging London, but in the country there are other dangers – punishments dealt out by their host, who used to be the housemaster of a school, and treats the young siblings like naughty pupils.

Molly and Alexander hold hands as they approach their new home, looking nervous and uncertain as they are admitted into the hall. Initially things seem promising – the house is big, and the pair will have lots of space to run around.

Unfortunately, strict bachelor Dr Barton is not a fan of youngsters playing in his house. After only a week they are summoned to the drawing room for punishment. They were warned what would happen if they misbehaved, and brother and sister seem to shake in their shoes as he gives them a serious dressing down. Dr Barton sends Alexander to stand in the corner while he takes Molly over his lap for an over the knee spanking. She protests, but he insists on pulling down her white cotton knickers so he can spank her on the bare bottom. Molly tries to take her spanking bravely but she can't help letting out a few cries and whimpers as the punishment intensifies.

Next, it's Alexander's turn. Molly begs Dr Barton to go gently on her little brother – he is much younger than her and has never been spanked before. But Dr Barton insists that Alexander will get what he deserves. He tells Alex to pull down his grey school shorts and underwear, and then proceeds to deliver a firm, stinging over the knee spanking to Alex's virgin bottom as the poor boy gasps and winces in shock.

Photography: Pandora Blake 

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Alexander Knight

A few months after our shoot together, Alexander Knight and I sit down and catch up. We explore why we thought his films were particularly well received, the benefits of acting experience on spanking roleplay, and what kind of roles Alexander would be open to playing in the future.

24 Responses

  1. Dr Barton is a very methodical spanker I have to say. That sharp hand rises, falls and alternates cheeks in a very measured almost metronomic fashion. I think it gives an overall calmness to the film, despite the action happening, which is matched by the stoic way that Molly and Alexander take their spankings. A lovely blush delivered in both cases.

  2. I absolutely love this one. I love the period setting, the period naughty boy/girl costumes, the traditional spanking scenario, and I especially love the OTK spanking. I’m a huge fan of m/m scenes so the m/f was a great, realistic, prelude for me. And I loved Alexander in those shorts. All three models did a great job; very convincing and subtle. And the spanking was fantastic. Alexander is a perfect spanking model; cute, good actor, and with a perfect, round, spank-able bottom. I hope to see Alexander over Dr. Barton’s knee again or over another man’s knee, preferably in those shorts. I’d love to see a round of spanking on the tight shorts before they get taken down next time. Great work all three models and GREAT work Pandora. I love the ambisexual vibe on this site. It makes the scenes so much hotter for me and there’s no other spanking site doing anything like it. Hope to see more m/f and m/m in the same scene in the future. That’s always super hot for me. Maybe you and Thomas as strict mom and step-dad spank naughty young Alexander when he comes home from school in his shorts. Thanks for listening and for the great clips. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  3. Pandora very enjoyable video with lovely Molly with Alexander as evacuees with a very strict ex beak Schoolmaster ,the uniforms are spot on ,big spanks are soundly administered as they used to be to young uns ,best spanksfrom ,Timx

  4. Oh dear. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a boy from a good school would NEVER have worn his school cap indoors.
    On entering the door the cap had to be promptly removed. Leaving it on his head would have been deemed the utmost slovenliness and insolence from the lad.
    I’ve tried to think of some reason why the cap might have been retained inside, but I’m afraid I can’t.
    “‘Ats orf in the ‘ouse,” was the immutable rule.

  5. alexander as always … beautiful innocent face and fantastic ass!
    I’d like to see Spanked (of course on the bare bottom)
    girls laughing in front of him, maybe you could be on your knees to spank
    molly naturally beautiful also!
    I can not wait to see the next movie …. thanks

  6. I am in love with Age play…and this was so adorable. The looks on their two faces, and of course…Dr. Barton, his no nonsense attitude sends shivers down my spine. Lovely, lovely Molly, and Alexander, and Dr. B.

  7. Measured is definitely the word. I love his calm delivery. That restrained atmosphere is perfect for English period scenes in my opinion!

  8. Have you watched the film, or just looked at the photos? Telling Alexander in disgusted tones to remove his cap is one of the very first things Dr Barton does!

  9. Ah yes, the girls laughing at a spanked boy theme… this has been mentioned before. I’ll see what I can do!

  10. Great acting all round, I’m so happy with how this turned out. It’s an absolute honour to unveil my twisted fantasies and watch talented performers bring them to life so brilliantly!

  11. Aw, thanks so much Tim! What a lovely thing to say. I’ve been having fun learning my way around it 🙂

  12. I thought you would like this one! I’ve been getting requests for ages for M/M otk spanking in grey school shorts and with this film it all just came together. I think this is our first M/FM scene too. I’m thrilled that it’s proved so popular! I think the scenes with two boys and one girl have been some of our best received – School Report and The Stableboy both went down very well too. Clearly one older guy, one younger guy and a girl is a winning combination!

    Spanking on tight school shorts… hmm… I’ve made a note 🙂

  13. …..would be great. Thanks for responding and thanks for the great clip. Looking forward to more like this.

  14. Your fantasies are the reason why you have such an amazing following to this site. I really cannot get over how wonderful I feel when I am in a funk, and need spanking reflections, and I come here. It’s truly an awesome feeling to see and reflect from these scenarios. 🙂

  15. Hey Pandora, got my 5 day membership…watching with my sub, and omg…we are loving it. So well done, I am so glad to have spent the money for the longer clips!

  16. Very nicely made, acted, filmed, edited and put together what a great storyline too.

  17. there is the scene in “Carries war” where her Brother is given the belt. But if you look a little deeper into evacuation there is a number of darker aspects to it.

  18. Amazed to see that the evacuees are entering a house just down the road from me in the coastal town where I live! I assume such fun doesn’t go on there now as this was 2014. Love the story telling and the inventive scenarios, which appear to have got even better post-COVID. Really believable situations, but as we see afterwards, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves in making the films. How can this be at risk of a ban or a privacy-busting sign in? More power to your elbow – or should that be to your hands and arms?

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