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Preview image for Dressed to Play. D looks at his reflection in the mirror, admiring his glove

It's time to go out to play – but first, D needs to get ready. This elegant kinky photoset flips the classic idea of a striptease on its head – by featuring a male model, first of all, but also by starting nude and ending dressed.  I really love the way these photos bring out his lean, muscular physique, and the sparkle in his eyes as he smiles at the camera.

With tight jeans and leather belt, an elegant shirt and, finally, an intimidating leather trenchcoat and gloves, he transforms himself from a beautiful sunlit nude to a dashing dominant gentleman, ready to have a little fun. For me, each garment symbolises another layer of his dominant persona – and I love the idea of him planning the devious things he has in mind for the night ahead as he puts them on. As they say, the clothes maketh the man.

A good top can command your attention whether he is dressed or not – and in this set, D certainly has mine every step of the way.  The well-chosen outfit accentuates his dominant energy, and the sleek leather hints at fun to come. I find it very sexy when a dom is smartly, authoritatively dressed, and I love playing with D nude, while he remains fully clothed. The power imbalance is incredibly hot; and the warm smell of a leather coat, plus the promise of smooth, elegant leather gloves stroking my skin or wrapped around my throat, adds an additional frisson of eroticism.

Oh – and that flex in his bicep as he tenses the leather belt? Take me now, please.

Photography: Matt Christie


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  1. He has rock star looks. Very handsome. Except for the long, dark hair, he reminds me of Phil Collen of Def Leppard who has a similar face and slender, fit body.

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