First Date

Film (14:10 mins) with 44 photographs
Nimue bends over Andrew's lap for a spanking, with her dress pulled up and her knickers pulled down

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Telling a new partner you’re kinky isn’t easy, but Nimue bravely takes the plunge. Andrew is surprised, but not unwilling… and with her encouragement, he soon proves to be a fast learner.

Dating can be nervewracking when you’re kinky. When do you tell your date that you like spanking – and how? Seasoned spankee Nimue doesn’t waste time, and as soon as they’re back to her house she takes the plunge. Andrew is surprised, but not horrified… and as she introduces him to the pleasures of reddening her lovely round bottom, he soon gets the hang of it.

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12 responses

  1. Works beautifully, Andrew is so cool and relaxed and Nimue….well she is just so gorgeous, hot and sexy enjoying her spanking and paddling.

    A simple, but yet wonderfully powerful scene.

  2. It really is, isn’t it? I adore Nimue’s obvious enjoyment of the paddle, and Andrew’s nervous enthusiasm is just adorable!

  3. Thank you John! It’s funny, I read Andrew as being slightly nervous, but doing his best to stay calm. I think it was an incredibly natural performance. Glad you liked it.

  4. Would love to spank her on film, Nimue is my fav spanking model after pandora. Keep up the good work guys.

  5. It’s so lovely to see all the Nimue fans coming out of the woodwork. I think her performances and her body are simply fantastic – she deserves every accolade!

  6. Thank you 🙂 I’m really enjoying playing with my new camera over the last few months and Nimue is a perfect model!

  7. I found this quite erotic and as someone who is not sure on the limits of implements,liked the use of the thuddy small paddle in the scene,though as a relative novice need to find the balance that my OH would like between sting or thud…

  8. I’ve been on the receiving end of that tiny wooden paddle, being paddled by Nimue actually, and it packs a right punch in the most pleasurable manner possible.

    In Nimue’s hands it feels absolutely exquisite.

    Yes, you are left wanting more.

  9. A very good scene. I wasn’t expecting this to do much for me, but ti did. Probably one of my favourites now. What a perfect world it would be if every first date with a girl ended with her asking for an OTK.

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