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Preview image for Cheesecake! Michael Darling wears just an apron, his bare spanked bottom on display as he holds his hands behind his head

It was the end of a busy day shooting domestic F/M scenes with Michael and Nimue, but somehow after the final scripted scene we all had some energy and enthusiasm left. Michael's bottom was so beautifully welted after the spankings he had received that we decided to show it off in one final set of photos. He had brought a pink and blue apron which we hadn't got to use yet, and we came up with the idea of a gender-bending, naked-butler-meets-submissive-housewife scene, with Michael wearing only the apron and showing his marks while he pours the wine. 

I couldn't resist the opportunity to twin this scene with Cupcakes starring Molly Malone. In this day and age, playing at being a retro housewife can be fun for subby types of any gender. And yes, it's possible I may have a teensy kink for the image of a spanked bottom showing through the back of an apron.

Photography: Nimue Allen


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4 Responses

  1. Heehee…..well Michael is quite manly. His sturdy frame, beard and crew cut. Some men look a little silly when they do “cheesecake” photoshoots, but Michael looks pretty good. He shows off his bottom nicely.

  2. It couldn’t get any perfect with his name. Michael is so adorable, and while my spankings are normally dished out on other females, with that look of mischievous upon his face, he would def get a spanking from me. He’s got a simply gorgeous bottom, so spankable. This scene was a delight. 😉

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