Caned Before Dinner

Film (16:00) with 46 photographs
Preview image for Caned Bedore Dinner. Mila Kohl lies on the bed, dress pulled up and knickers pulled down as Paul Kennedy canes her

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This was Mila's last spanking video of the day, and we wanted to make it count. Mila loves spanking but has very little experience of the cane, and is very frightened of it.

That fear combined with Mila's genuine tears and Paul's quiet, intense, paternal scolding, turned this simple concept into a memorably intense scene. This might not be the most physically severe caning on the site, but in terms of the emotions and anticipation it's incredibly powerful.

Be sure to watch the behind the scenes videos, which include some lovely out of character moments between Paul and Mila, and give you the chance to get to know this remarkable and beautiful young lady a little better.

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

Caned Before Dinner - Behind the Scenes

Outtakes and behind the scenes footage from the shooting of this intense caning scene, including live negotiation, Paul and Pandora praising and comforting Mila between shots, a test cane stroke with a second cane to see if Mila liked it better; and some genuine tears, and genuine laughter.

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10 responses

  1. So, this was hot (although I’m obviously a little biased). Mila’s tears are so adorable. Her sad faces are just the saddest faces ever. Also, holy wow, her cleavage. I know, she’s my “sister” so I’m not supposed to look at these things, but… wow.

    I really liked this scenario. I liked how it combined formality with domestic affection. I liked how it’s actually very reasonable and fair in a certain way, but from another view point it’s really quite wicked. It’s something I’d like to have happen in my real life, I think. 😀

    My favorite part of the whole thing, though, was the nonchalance with which Paul announced that he was going to cane her while he was fussing with his glasses. I think that announcing bad things that are going to happen to someone while you’re paying attention to something else is seriously hot. There has to be a way to describe this mini-kink more articulately. You can probably expect a blog post at some point.

    The behind the scenes stuff was most excellent.

  2. This looks great, but I’m also interested in the shoot of Paul Kennedy caning Pandora, which was mentioned on the blog? Do you know when that might be uploaded so that I can cheekily join to get both of them at once?

  3. Thats an interesting “technicality” to have a fetish for. The announcing bad things while concentrating on something else, thing. I find also that it’s little technicalities in the spanking shoots that really turn it into something great.

  4. Haha, incestuous sister love! Entirely appropriate from my POV. I don’t have the category of “incestuous chosen family” amongst my friends for no reason 😛

    I know what you mean about the fair/unfair aspects of this scene that make it super hot. Paul is so quiet and fatherly and firm but fair in his manner, but in other ways this situation is really mean and oppressive.

    I noticed the nonchalance while I was editing and thought, from a film point of view, that it was a shame as it made for a kind of anti-dramatic shot during a really pivotal moment. But I realised at the time that it was deliberate on Paul’s part and it’s really interesting to hear that it worked so well for you. I think I get why, too. The problem with improvising spanking scenarios is that I don’t get to line up the camera for this sort of moment. I think I need to get more on the ball with cutting and getting some spur-of-the-moment cutaways (of eg. Paul’s hands polishing his glasses) for this sort of moment. Still, I’m glad it worked for you despite the lack of dramatic camera work!

    I love the behind the scenes material for this scene. Especially the test stroke with the other cane. “NOPE!” <3

    I <3 your comments 🙂

  5. Really good……….
    I like to imagine myself… her position…….its something i need….

  6. It’s something a lot of us need I think. I know I do. Just so you know, I do offer personal spanking sessions in London as a top so get in touch if you’d like to book yourself the same treatment sometime 🙂

  7. This week! 🙂 (assuming I don’t get any more behind with my editing schedule… knowing you’re looking forward to it definitely helps!)

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