The Cane in the Cupboard

Film (15:48) with 56 photographs
Preview Image for The Cane in the Cupboard. Molly Malone inspects the cane stripes on Nimue Allen's bare bottom

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This smoking hot F/F caning scene is based on a true life story. Nimue Allen doesn't want social services interfering in her life. She's sick of the meetings she's compelled to have with probation officer Molly Malone, and she's especially sick of Miss Malone's backwards attitudes. It's the 1980s but the probation officer still insists on treating Nimue like it's the '50s, frowning on her for being a divorced mother. When Miss Malone explains that she'll have to submit to visits from a housing inspector once a week, it's the final straw for Nimue: she refuses to comply.

But Miss Malone has a trick up her sleeve. She tells Nimue to look in the cupboard in the corner of the room. Nimue is shocked to see a long, thin school cane tucked away out of sight. Nimue is too old to receive a punishment caning – she's an adult, not a juvenile delinquent.  Surely Miss Malone can't be serious?

She is though – very serious.

Nimue reluctantly bends over and pulls down her leggings, still shocked at the thought of being caned by her probation officer. When the first stinging stroke falls on her bare bottom, she gasps at the pain. As Ms Malone delivers further cruel strokes, she tries to rub her bottom to ease the pain, but is told to assume the position again.

The cane leaves bright red welts on Nimue's bum, and Miss Malone starts to look nervous. The stripes show that this is a severe punishment, and what Nimue doesn't know is that caning from probation officers was made illegal in the seventies. It's now 1984, and in her frustration with the defiant Nimue, Molly Malone is breaking the rules.

After gasping and crying out through her harsh punishment, Nimue leaves. But when she returns for her next meeting, the punishment isn't forgotten. Will she get her revenge on the sadistic probation officer?

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

The Cane in the Cupboard - Behind the Scenes

Did you know that until relatively recently it was legal for probation officers to use the cane? Well, this nugget of spanking history is revealed in this week’s ‘behind the scenes’ video. Find out the true life story behind this porn scene, and join the performers as they giggle at their mistakes and have an in­-depth discussion on exactly how the cane feels. You can also see Pandora showing why she’s such an enthusiastic director “What a lovely bum,” and “I want some jiggle now,”­ you wouldn’t get that kind of direction anywhere else!


15 Responses

  1. Sorry but I pressed the wrong key.

    I know in the real life situation the caning was undeserved and wrong, but when hasn’t Nimue deserved a caning?

  2. Talking of ‘well deserved’ – just to crowbar a comment in here – I reckon everyone at DoS deserves a celebratory spanking!! Just seen Spanking Blogg’s final 2014 awards post!!!!

  3. Hehehe. I think that’s the theory behind most of our scenes under the “unfair” tag 😉

  4. Aww, thanks Yianni! I meant to blog about it – I was so so so happy to see that we’d won 🙂

  5. Pandora lovely Molly gave young Nimue big whacks .Conrats on the award Dreams of spanking has won ,so pleased foryou ,love and spanks,TimxCongrats.

  6. Why not recreate Isle of M birching episode summer of 68 ,of course could be female defendants or both Pandora make great magistrate x

  7. Did you realize that this video has been posted twice. On the 29th and 15th of January. It is a very good films, but there seems no point in posting it twice.

    Was this an oversight?

  8. It would have been lovely to see Molly being caned by Nimue as was being anticipated so perhaps you can do a further chapter in which it transpires Molly did not resign and Nimue confronts her

  9. It’s only been posted once, but when I added the behind the scenes video it pushed it to the top of the update feed.

  10. Still searching for a suitable venue for this sort of judicial scene! I’m visualising oak panels and an authentic birching table but sadly I think we might have to make do with less…

  11. The MP4 version of the behind the scenes video gets a server error, but the WMV downloads OK.

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