Bullied at Home

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Preview Image for Bullied at home. Schoolgirl Nimue Allen puts new girl over her knee for a bare bottom spanking and a wedgie

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An intense, edgy humiliation fantasy, from the dark imagination of Tai Crimson. Tai plays the newest arrival at a foster home, and older girl Nimue Allen takes an instant dislike to her. She intimidates Tai, blackmailing her by threatening to tell the grown-ups that she saw Tai selling weed. Tai’s choice? Become Nimue’s bitch or get kicked out just after she’s found a place to stay.

Nimue’s forced stripping of Tai’s shirt is only the beginning. She slaps Tai’s tits, pulling at her sensitive, puffy nipples. With Tai's pink bra cut up and shoved in her mouth as a makeshift gag, her small breasts are subjected to more torment. Nimue's verbal abuse is as ferocious as the rough over the knee spanking she dishes out. The degradation continues as Nimue tugs Tai’s knickers into a painful wedgie, making her squirm before the knickers are cut off and stuffed in her mouth.

Eventually, Tai surrenders, and agrees to be Nimue’s bitch – except she didn’t submit fast enough to Nimue’s liking. So, the final humiliation: Nimue grabs Tai by the hair and drags her to the bathroom. This schoolgirl domination scene ends with a self-confessed kink of Tai's – what’s known as swirlies – as Nimue shoves her face in the toilet and flushes it.

One thing’s for sure: when we said Tai Crimson was here to give you an education, we weren’t kidding. For more on our shoot with Tai and an insight into the wonderfully kinky mind of this young trans girl, check out this shoot report (and get a little sneak preview of what else Tai has in store for us).

Photography: Pandora Blake 

Preview Gallery

Bullied at Home - Behind the Scenes

It’s too darn hot outside, but that won’t stop Pandora from filming this equally hot scene. Tai and Nimue keep communication open as they play out an intense scenario which, as Tai gleefully points out later, came straight from her own fantasies. And through wedgies, swirlies and the interruption of a whirring bathroom fan, Tai is a total star – something which Nimue and Pandora are in awe about as they all hug and giggle at the end of the shoot.



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Bullied at Home with Tai Crimson and Nimue Allen

“So, what just happened?” “We had a lot of fun!” In this post-shoot interview with Tai and Nimue, they discuss how Tai’s fantasies (which she points out are dynamics which are “fucked up in real life” but hot as just fantasies) were the driving force behind this film. They talk about differing limits, and Tai gives some context to why she’s into what she’s into. There are hugs, there is cuteness and there’s Tai talking about how getting a swirlie from Nimue is logistically much easier than giving yourself one!

Tai Crimson

At the end of a full day’s shooting, Pandora and Tai talk about the scene they’ve just filmed – Caned at Home. Tai is disappointed that she didn’t cry, but she’s happy that her desire for bruises has been fulfilled. They discuss differences between shooting a theatrical feature like Houseboy, and a day of shorter scenes like this one (more kink per hour, to paraphrase Tai). We hear how Pandora felt playing such a mean character, and Tai talking about her lust for tears. There’s some frank discussion about personal kinks, the fetishising of trans bodies and sexuality, and how Pandora and Tai are both working to challenge the stereotypes.
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4 Responses

  1. Oh this is nasty. Nimue the big bully. I do enjoy spanked by the bully roleplays. I remember when Pandora spanked Caroline Grey in a school roleplay and then Caroline spanked her back later. There’s also the more recent one where bully Pandora ties up and spanks Ten Amorette. I also remember one where Alex Reynolds was an employee spanked by the nasty heads of the company, Pandora and Thomas.

    The victims in these bully videos have a type of sexuality. Not quite the same as the spankees who are spanked and punished for being naughty or failing in some way. Tai has a nice full bottom, which I think particularly stood out for it’s femininity prior to her transition to female.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! This was my fault, I uploaded the file to the wrong place before going on holiday. The interview link works now 🙂

  3. Thank you for appeciating our nastiness! I love bully scenes too – Nimue has some great ones on her site too. I agree that there’s something very erotic about the role of the helpless victim – and those of us who were weirdos at school* can relate, I think, which perhaps makes the fantasy more personal and sexy? I definitely agree that Tai’s beautiful curvy bottom is a gorgeous asset to the site – as is her taste for nasty, horrible bullying fantasies 😉

    *raises hand

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