Back to School – part 2

Film (15:24) with 60 screengrabs
Preview Images for Back to School - Part 2. Molly Malone, dressed in school PE kit is bound over the spanking bench for a caning from girlfriend Nimue Allen

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In part 2 of this lesbian spanking scene, things heat up – and so does Molly Malone's bottom. Nimue Allen reddens her cheeks with the wooden ruler, then ties her tightly over the spanking bench for the cane.

Molly's girlfriend has arranged for a secret visit back to her old school, where the couple are enjoying an erotic tour through their school punishment memories. Lying over the arm of the sofa, Molly's cheeks have already been warmed with Nimue's hand and the leather belt – and it's not only Molly's bottom that's heating up, as the pair share some passionate kisses.

Nimue has carefully laid out all the corporal punishment implements she could find, and now it's time for Molly to feel the bite of the wooden ruler. She bends over the back of the sofa with her red bottom high in the air, and sighs and gasps in wonderment – it seems that with a sufficiently sensual mood, even the stingy ruler can be pleasurable.

When Molly has gone fully limp and totally immersed in the sensations, Nimue leans in for a kiss. "Now," she purrs, "It's time for the cane." Molly's cheeks are flushed and her eyes wide, in complete surrender to her lover's will. And there's one more surprise in store: an old fashioned spanking bench which used to be used for school spanking, long before Molly's time. The leather and wood are worn with use, and there's even a thick leather strap for tying down naughty schoolgirls who are too wriggly…

Molly willingly lets Nimue tie her tightly in place, long legs outstretched, her bottom exposed and her toes barely touching the floor. The white knee high socks Molly is wearing add an extra frisson to this erotic school roleplay. Nimue picks up the cane, and begins to decorate her girlfriend's bottom with stripes, gradually building in intensity until Molly is helpless and moaning with pleasure.

The chemistry between these two queer performers is undeniable in this performer-scripted scene, in which the duo had free rein to take this school spanking roleplay wherever they wished.

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8 Responses

  1. Ooh this was rather lovely to watch, was any behind the scenes stuff for this movie?

  2. The wmv version does not fully download. About 9 minutes plays and then it stops. The file is still a .PART file.

  3. Lovely to see “Nims and Molls” together again. Looks like a sexy scene.

  4. Thanks for your email letting us know you were able to download the video successfully in the end. Please just let us know if you need any further assistance!

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