The Evil Babysitter

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Preview Image for The Evil Babysitter. Sebastian Hawley is over Nimue Allen's lap, his jeans pulled down to display his red bottom as Nimue spanks him

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Sebastian's stuck indoors with his stupid babysitter – and worse, she keeps bothering him, being pervy and gross, finding excuses to spank him like a little kid. Still, it's not all bad: at least she's hot.

This scene is very, very wrong. 

Sebastian pounced on this scenario when I sent him it, and during the shoot he ended up having loads of input into how it played out. The three of us shared this fantasy of the sadistic, pervy babysitter who takes advantage; it's a classic "abuse of authority" scenario. And of course, her young, hormonal victim totally fancies her, resulting in a beautifully complex consent scene incorporating power, helplessness and control.  

I loved watching this dynamic play out: Nimue's purring, playful sadism, the predatory sexiness and invasive questioning so wrong it had us all giggling between shots. We are all going to a very special hell.

I've tagged this age play because, yes, we are all over 18 and you can read this as a consensual roleplay between grownups. Or, if you want, you can pretend it's a bit nastier than that. 

Sebastian looks great in this, giving a wonderful performance as the sulky, recalcitrant teen, and his facial expressions while being spanked are just amazing. I love the look on his face at some of the outrageous things she says. He also brilliantly portrayed the glimmerings of enthusiasm as she continues her seduction, until by the end you don't quite know who's manipulated who.

Photography: Pandora Blake

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8 Responses

  1. Very compliments at woman spanker, I hope to see you again soon in other videos.

  2. I just love Nimue’s style. We’ve worked with her quite a lot recently as both a bottom and a top – look out for scenes in which I spank her and in which she spanks Sebastian Hawley and Michael Darling!

  3. I like your description of this one being ‘very, very wrong’. It may be wrong, but I loved it. Sebastian and Nimue have great on screen chemistry. I love the expressions on both of their faces as the scene plays out. I love her taunting him as she spanks. The very end of the video with Sebastian grinning and saying it was worth it, made the video perfect. 🙂

  4. Awesome feedback, thank you! The most problematic fantasies are often the hottest 😉

  5. In a way I brushed aside the fantasy. It’s a great film with Nimue gradually building up the glow in Sebastian’s bare bottom. And she has such a wonderful slappy hand which is just right for this sort of over the knee spanking. Sebastian’s pained expressions are wonderful as the intensity builds up at various points. Very good.

  6. At 2 min 45 s Nimue asks “Do you still feel like a big boy now?”

    As she had her big tits thrust against him while she smacked his bum it is very likely he would have been a big boy by then.

  7. A long time ago, on our honeymoon, my wife got me very aroused and asked me if we had boys and she had to discipline them, could she practice on me? She knew once she started stroking me I would agree to anything she wanted. Okay. What did you have in mind? At the time we were both naked on our hotel bed. She was sitting up, I, on my back facing up at her and sucking on her enormous breasts, she, reaching down giving me a cream job. This she said and turned me over and started to give me a spanking. Her big, heavy, warm breasts resting on my naked back as her hand rose and fell. It felt great at first as she warmed by hiney and I started bouncing up and down on her lap as my lubricated male muscle was being squeezed and massaged between her thighs. Then things started to get hot and hurt and I told her so as my spanking continued. I tried getting up but she was having non of that as she continued and extracted oohs and ouches from me. I started begging her to let me up but she was so turned on by my pleas. She told me it was okay to call her mommy. Which I did just before I lost control all over her lap.

  8. Pandora young Nimue gave her charge big spanks indeed nice age play scenes vid . enjoy those ,best spanks,Tim.

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