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Only His Hand

Film (running time 11:27) with gallery of 45 high resolution screengrabs
Created 7 Oct 2012 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Tags: cornertime, defiance, edgy, face slapping, fair, film, hand spanking, hard punishment, knee high socks, leg lock, M|X, Nimue Allen, OTK, Pandora Blake, school, school uniform, scolding, struggling, Thomas Cameron, white cotton knickers

Pandora is caught striking Nimue in the playground, and Mr Cameron is furious. Trapped in a leg lock, the wayward schoolgirl endures the hardest, fastest, most relentless hand spanking of her life.

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A Classic spanking

Having just joined this site, I've been enjoying the quirky and unusual scenarios (historical settings, boys and girls spanked together, informal and consensual settings etc.) that you go in for, but this is a good old-fashioned classic Mf OTK hard hand spanking that we all know and love. And what a good one! We've all seen lots of schoolgirls spanked bare bottom over the knee, but this is particularly long, hard and thorough, and Pandora's bare bottom is deliciously vulnerable throughout. Gorgeous.

Thanks Patrick, this comment has made me grin all over. I like pushing the boat out with new types of scene but have no desire to turn my back on the classics completely. In particular, I do like a severe, extended hand spanking with the spankee kicking and struggling... whatever the context, there's nothing quite like it. Add in a leg lock and this type of scene is guaranteed to get me hot and flustered!

Lovely video, a nice firm spanking and lovely framing of your backside from different angles. The kicking and response reminded me of some of the best Nu-West vids . As a real knicker lover the only slight disappointment was the quick removal of yours! You have a gorgeous collection of full cut knickers and this pair are one of my favourites. I was hoping to see them fully stretched over you, plus some nice front and profile shots as well. Only a minor niggle as normally with your other vids you've shown your knicker clad bottom (and front) off fantastically.


Westpier if you want pictures of her in her underwear they are all over the internet and you don't even have to pay for enough to fill a small hard drive. Videos of so-called punishment spankings that start over clothes and eventually get around to the by now quite red bottom are everywhere. How about something for the rest of us once in a while?

Please tell me, if you were the man in this video why would you let her keep her panties for a while? Aren't you trying to cause her pain? Would you agree that the pain and humliation are greater being made to get bare? Especially since she is standing up facing him and being made to expose her you-know-what?

Thanks for the reply Bacchus, in answer to your question, as I've got a fetish for shapely backsides in knickers being spanked they would most definitely be staying on for a period of time. But I would also have to deal with the bare bottom as well, they look wonderful as they redden. As for causing pain, i don't think knickers offer much protection. We probably both think our tastes aren't catered for sufficiently!

I'm aware of 99% of the pics of Pandora in knickers. I kneel in praise at the quality of her knickers pics, Pandora chooses some superb colours/cuts, the best of any site. I'm aware that there's video's of clothed women all over the internet, if only it were that simple. They've got to look right, good camera angles and the young lady bent sufficiently to view them nicely stretched - 'quality knicker action' is a rarity apart from here. I think the last time I saw these white knickers (or a similar pair) was in 'Disruption at Upton' where before I even had a chance to enjoy them properly stretched Pandora was pulled into a position where she was lying on the sofa horizontally rather than properly otk, ruining the view of her backside in them (sorry to speak about you Pandora as if you're not in the room).

In answer to your point Pandora I didn't realise people were that much of a rush to get the knickers off as surely with 95% of vids its on the bare for 2/3 of the vid anyway. As I said in my original post, it was a minor niggle (though I've a strong suspicion it probably doesn't sound 'minor'). I always look forward to coming back here for some original vids.

Can I just say I am absolutely delighted by how enthusiastic and eloquent you both are about your preferences!

I have to admit I'm a fan of bare bottom spanking myself - I always imagine myself in the scene, as spankee or spanker, and really nothing compares to the intimacy of vulnerable bare flesh. But I agree that a nice pair of knickers can be very aesthetically pleasing, as well as providing a lovely erotic tease.

I'm also a big fan of upward-turned, tauted, well presented buttocks, so without sharing your passion Westpier it seems I've inadvertently catered to your tastes for stretched knickers - how wonderfully fortunate. Now that I know what makes you tick, though, it's something I can focus on more deliberately in future.

For most punishment spanking I do think that the most intense, realistic experience is straight onto the bare, but there's certainly space for more spanking over knickers in other contexts - and lots of lingering knicker shots before the spanking begins. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Westpier, good to hear from you! The knicker comment is funny; it seems like whenever I post a punishment spanking that begins over knickers, someone complains that it should have started straight onto the bare! I guess you can't please everyone all of the time. Instead I'm trying to appeal to different niches within each video, and have a wide variety over the site as a whole.

I do like full school knickers (white cotton, of course!) but the idea behind this video was for it to be a very severe punishment hand spanking - the sort of hand spanking which might conceivably be more effective than a caning or tawsing at getting its point across. As such, it really needed to start out full force without any warm up, straight onto the bare. Perhaps I should have lingered more on the knickers before they were removed, though! Next time I'll bear it in mind.

Have you explored the white cotton knickers tag?

Panties or Bare (okay, knickers)

I confess, I'm the complainer when "punishment" starts with a warm up. I think that this video is very effective as it stands and that you (Pandora) achieved her goal. I want to make clear I have nothing against spanking on panties or other stuff, and I agree with Westpier on how nice it can be. But I think it has it's time and place and this was not it. Spankings that are meant to be erotic can do all sorts of things and I will like it. Westpier stated that if he were punishing a girl she would get at least some on her panties, okay, you could do a video where a dirty old man takes advantage and spanks them for his own pleasure, without them being supposed to know it. I think that's a theme you like Pandora, poor innocent girl caught in some devil's clutches. (And just for the record, I'm NOT implying anything about Westpier, this is all fun and games and I'm as kinky as the rest of you.) I could come up with some nasty ideas for pantie spanking.

One nasty idea I have is I think you should be paddled on your pencil skirt, touching toes, full force, five swats.

Anyway it's a great vid, you do have lots of different things here and I like most of it.

Now I'll stop beating this to death.

Please don't ever apologise for having strong preferences when it comes to what gets you hot, and don't ever stop giving detailed feedback!

I have to agree Bacchus, there are some situations, and a no-nonsense angry punishment is one of them, when straight onto the bare is simply essential. In other contexts over knickers can work, but straight to bare was definitely right for this scene.

I do like your dirty old man scenario, right up my street! Zille would love that one, maybe I should get her to do it :)

I think I'm going to have to do several pencil skirt scenes to cater to everyone's preferences! That's okay, I have several pencil skirts :)

BARE bottom spankings

THANK YOU so much for doing a spanking from the start on a bare white bottom, the way it really happens. I also very much liked the wiggeling at the end. This will be one of my favorites. You looked like you were being punished, not turned on. (Even though I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.) I hope that we get to see more of this.

Ah, the "wanting to rub but not daring to reach back" wiggle? Always a favourite!

Thanks Bacchus, I thought you might like this one! It was a big fantasy of mine and I *certainly* enjoyed filming it, although I won't lie, I was in a lot of pain as well. Actually the behind the scenes footage is quite funny; between shots I'm directing the camerawoman (Nimue) and telling Tom what I want from him next, and my instructions to deliver a very very hard, fast, extended spanking are interspersed by asides - "oh god what am I doing?!" This was one of the few videos starring me as a spankee which actually turned me on when I did the editing, though, so the suffering for my art was clearly worthwhile :)

(I was going to add, sorry the behind the scenes video for this isn't out yet - I'm up to my eyeballs in other work at the moment and am planning a big behind the scenes catchup when I get back from the Spain party in a couple of weeks.)

I like your movies

I like fantasy and movies they change in dreams! you know?

Seen sloshing her one!

I must say I particularly relate to this story because I got into trouble in slightly similar circumstances approximately fifty years ago! I wrote it up for Wellred weekly - See (if you are sufficiently interested) www.wellredweekly.com, Vol 2, no. 2, Article 7, Scenes of Prep-School Life, the last half page beginning "But it is time to describe the worst punishment I received as a schoolboy, which occurred when I was nearly 12". But I only got (a very hard) four with a gym shoe - not the seemingly endless spanking your character got! A very exciting punishment indeed!

Incidentally, I'd love to see the 'Behind the Scenes' on this - you indicated on an earlier comment that one might be available some time!

Classic firm bare bottom spanking

I'm not sure why I never commented on this film before. But it is an absolutely excellent example of how disciplinary and strict a "mere hand spanking" can be. I love Thomas's authority and equally Pandora's superb reactions, as well as taking a very firm punishment. Superb.

She cried a lot

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