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Pandora's Birthday Caning

Film (running time 26:43) with gallery of 60 screengrabs
Created 14 Aug 2019, last updated 14 Jul 2020



Pandora Blake and Sarah Gregory keep things candid in this lighthearted lesbian spanking film. Taking turns with firm hand spanking, things heat up when Sarah gives Pandora a birthday bare bottom caning.

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Tags: asked for, bare bottom, British, cane, consensual, film, F|F, hand spanking, high heels, lesbian, lingerie, nude spankee, OTK, Pandora Blake, playful, real life, Sarah Gregory

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This playful spanking film features a lovely, candid chat between Pandora Blake and Sarah Gregory, punctuated with hard spanking and bare bottom caning. These two clearly enjoy each other’s company, and it’s not long before their conversation turns to their preferences in spanking, from the roles they like to play to the techniques that they each find most gratifying. A true example of behind the scenes porn, the interplay is completely unscripted with lots of laughter, pleasure and enthusiastic consent - all wrapped up in deliciously sensual lesbian spanking.

Pandora spanks Sarah first, warming up Sarah’s exquisite bottom with some pleasurable OTK spanking, soon pulling down Sarah’s black lace thong. Their mutual delight in firm hand spanking escalates as Pandora makes an effort to produce a rosy glow of handprints with a series of solid, rapid fire swats, as Sarah grins and braces herself across Pandora’s lap. Before swapping positions, they exchange charming stories of their earliest discoveries of the pleasures of spanking.

Once Pandora is over Sarah’s knee, their bottom is soundly spanked and blushes a deep pink (an almost perfect match to their lacy lingerie!). Pandora pronounces that they are ready for the birthday bare bottom caning Sarah has promised. A 34th birthday calls for 34 strokes, expertly delivered by Sarah after she has Pandora undress completely and bend over the foot of the bed. Sarah gleefully doles out sizzling hot strokes, and the hard caning quickly takes Pandora’s beautiful bottom from patches of pink to impressive red stripes. Counting the strokes proves only mildly challenging for Pandora between soft moans, excited gasps and winces of genuine pleasure. Both Sarah and Pandora finish on a high, with the last handful of cane marks raining down in quick succession - providing an exciting and satisfying crescendo for all involved.



My two favorite players. If the scene were to continue with Sarah nude and chastised by Pandora, I could die in peace (figuratively).

Thank you! Maybe Sarah and I could make that happen next time we get together :)


The mutual respect of each other and the enjoyment of the scene by both of you really comes through A caning for your birthday such a treat, Im a little jealous

Thanks very much :) Yes it's a lovely treat, I don't manage it every year but this year I was delighted to!

Looks super sexy. I've seen you with Sarah before, I remember a school one with your shapely bare bottoms next to each other ;)

Thanks! Yes we've worked together a few times now, for her sites and for Well Smacked Seat I believe.


What a lovely film, two beautiful women obviously having fun. The final six looked more like twelve (I'm not complaining) or was it the same six spliced in from a different angle?

The same six! I don't repeat strokes in my own editing, but Sarah edited this scene and she obviously thought they were worth enjoying twice!

You Brits ...

"You Brits can take a caning!" Oh my, what a wonderful line from Sarah! Makes me feel like 'us Brits' are members of a very special secret organisation (the Clandestine Caning Club). Brilliant video, I really loved it.

That was my favorite line too and she says it so approvingly ! I guess in these uncertain times, with our standing in the World arguably much diminished, that at least is some thing we can be proud of.

*cackles, sobs*

Vincent, I love your gallows humour.

Or should it be the Clandestine Caning Cabal...?

Two of the best performers on the scene, doing something delightful. Bliss.

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