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Talia Lane

Hello everyone! I'm Tallia!

Well, I discovered the wonderful world of kink very recently. I realised I had a thing for spanking when me and my boyfriend David Weston began exploring ourselves and each other. It felt amazing and I loved the feeling of the endorphins racing around my body. I adore that beautiful floaty place you go to after a good spanking.

I have one very interesting kink - I have a sneezing fetish! I've had this my whole life, but only discovered it was a fetish as a teenager.

I identify myself as switch and I'm bisexual! I am a true switch - I love to dish it out as much as I like to receive a good spanking.

Before I met David I was very innocent, we met when I was 18. I was a virgin and hadn't discovered kink, the only thing I was aware of was my own sneezing fetish. He took me to my first fetish club and I adored it. I felt like I fitted in instantly and everyone was so nice and very welcoming. I've become more and more confident with events and am now more open to going.

When Pandora offered me a shoot with Dreams of Spanking I had very mixed feelings of nerves and excitement. The opportunity came about after my boyfriend David had done a shoot and I really wanted to have a go too. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared, as working with Dreams of Spanking has been my first ever shoot. I had the time of my life, I felt safe, happy and extremely content and comfortable. I definitely would love to shoot again!

On my more vanilla side, I adore singing. I would love to be a famous singer one day, that's my dream! I enjoy playing video games, my favourite is The Sims. I am also a real girly girl!

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