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Erica Scott
Los Angeles, CA

I first came into the spanking scene in 1996; I was 38 and had been fascinated with spanking for years, but kept it to myself. Once "out," I threw myself into parties, went online, and did my first video in 2000 after approaching the Shadow Lane folks at one of their gatherings. It's been an amazing journey for me, making up for lost time and getting to know some of the best people I've ever known.

Making videos is a hobby for me rather than a profession, but I have been lucky enough to shoot with some wonderful companies/people. Spanking is very much a part of my personal life and no doubt always will be. I love everything about it, and if I have to go too long without a spanking, I get very cranky! I am purely a bottom, never wanted to switch. I'm also very much involved in the online kink community, via the blogosphere, FetLife and Twitter, and I've written and self-published three books.

I am Erica_Scott on FetLife and @EricaLScott on Twitter; please feel free to friend/follow me. If you'd like to read my blog, "Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking," it's at ericascottlls.blogspot.com. My autobiography, Late Bloomer, is available on Amazon, as well as my collection of M/F fiction (What Happens to Naughty Girls?) and my humorous look at online messages (Correspondence Hall of Shame: One Woman's Adventures in Online Idiocy). Thanks for reading!

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