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Eliza Grey
London, UK

Hi, my name's Eliza Grey and I'm a trans and proud woman from England who loves a good spanking. I'm body confident and have a playful attitude, I love having a laugh and a bit of fun, but cross me and you're going to get punished ;)

My kinks include spanking, floggers, paddles, canes, horse whips you name it (both taking and on occasion giving), electronic stimulation (gotta love a Violet wand), sense deprivation, bondage, and there's nothing more intimate or more of a rush than a long, slow passionate kiss...

I only got into the industry recently after knowing Pandora for a few years, and after getting more confident and more happy with who I am as a person, I was approached by Pandora and asked if I wanted to shoot... Well I jumped at the chance! I'm excited about having the opportunity to film more for you all in the future.

Much loves,

Eliza Grey xxx

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