Summoning You for a Severe Thrashing


We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. Schoolyard misdemeanours, marital altercations, poor professional decision-making: every one of us carries memories that make us wince, moments of malice or weakness that linger in the back of our minds. But what if it turned out someone knew every single one of the shameful little secrets we carry through our lives? What if that someone decided it was high time you got what was coming to you?

All of your hens are home to roost in this week’s audio story. Someone has uncovered every low, dirty, shameful thing you’ve ever done, and they are deeply unimpressed – so unimpressed, in fact, that your first punishment is to listen in as they describe the severe spanking you’re to receive in lurid detail. If you ever want to be able to sit down on that bottom again, you’d best start following orders now.

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