Miss Havering Rules at Home


The last we saw of the indomitable schoolma’am Miss Havering, her new teaching subordinate, and their very favourite naughty school leaver, they were arranging to spend some time together in Miss Havering’s home over the summer holidays to help further Miss Flynn’s disciplinary training. She’s got to be ready to keep the girls in line come September, after all.

The holidays are now well under way, and when Felicity is late for a visit Miss Havering sees it as the perfect teaching opportunity. The girl might be out of her uniform now, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be thrown over the Headmistress’s lap! Away from school grounds they’re not limited to hands and canes, either, and Miss Havering has a new toy she’s dying to try out.

Lessons, bottoms and intrigue abound – and after a deeply cheeky enquiry the next instalment looks set to be truly illuminating!