Seducing the Head Boy


With a big brother in the Upper Sixth, Blake’s heard all about the Head Boy: his charm, his wit, his penchant for harsh discipline. Curiosity piqued, she hangs out near his common room one afternoon to see if she can get to know him a little better. It turns out his curiosity is roused, too – but is it Blake he’s been watching?

Even when she’s finally got him into her bedroom she’s surprised by how difficult it is to earn herself a spanking. It’s not until she figures out what he really wants – half an hour alone with her brother’s bare bottom and the heaviest school strap – that she knows how to talk him into giving her what she’s been daydreaming about. It’s not long before her tiny skirt is flipped up, her panties are at her hips and her bottom is glowing bright red under a well-worn leather belt.

But can she make good on the promise she made him to get there? You’ll have to wait for Part II to find out!