Facing Office Discipline


There’s a lovely sense of comradeship that comes along with being part of a close-knit team – right up until someone messes up and gets everyone’s take-home for the month slashed! Big boss Nimue Allen can’t have a demoralised team out on her sales floor, obviously, so she’s come up with the perfect way to smooth over brewing resentments and leave her employees feeling that justice has been done: employees who screw up get spanked, hard and humiliatingly, right in front of the whole team they’ve let down.

Blake knew it was coming. They’d been trying to dodge it all day. Their spanking finally caught up with them in a colleague’s office, where their team-mates watched on in a combination of sympathy and glee. It’s a stiff paddling alright, and their protests get them nowhere – not even after one last undignified humiliation at the bitter end.