Games with the Gardener


Miss Havering has a reputation to protect, and she’s very careful with it: prim, proper and poised. Even so, it doesn’t take a Great Detective to figure out that she’s getting something more from her spanking adventures than the simple joy of good discipline – and when her various charges are away, and the school is closed for the weekend, and nobody from her day-to-day life is around to catch her out…well, then she might find herself feeling a little uncharacteristically mischievous, perhaps.

Slumbering on her sofa one sunny Sunday afternoon as her gardener toils away outside, she’s overtaken by a sudden wild fantasy: what would it be like to go outside and smack his bottom, hard, over his soil-stained clothes? How might he react if she accused him of being in need of some galvanising punishment to keep him from slacking off.

He’d guess, perhaps, what the laced-up schoolmistress was really looking for. Maybe he’d chase her into her bedroom and discover there her favourite leather paddle, throw up her skirts without a hint of remorse. Why, it would be almost like she’d planned the whole thing…