Caught Robbing Someone’s House



Girl on the Net is back, and she’s here to tell us a new story: the kind of story that belongs firmly in the realms of fantasy, that sends a rush of taboo through you in private moments behind closed doors. The kind of story that leaves you aching and yearning at the imagined spectre of something impossible to bring to life. It’s the story of one crime that failed, and several others that did not.

When she’s caught breaking into someone’s home one night, she expects to wind up under arrest. What happens instead is grimly predictable, unspeakably filthy and much, much hotter.

This is, as she describes it in her content warning at the beginning, a story to live in rather than a story to live out. But if you’re alone tonight with your own thoughts, with your covers drawn and your hands idle, it might be exactly the story you’re secretly craving.

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