What time do you call this?

Film (12:06) with 24 screengrabs
A naked Denali Dink bends over, hands on the seat of the chair, while Scarlot Rose, in a blouse and skirt holds a cane and looks at Denali dissapprovingly

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It’s been a long, hard night on the tiles for wayward party girl Denali Dink. Sneaking home after dawn she thinks for a moment she’s got away with it – but you can’t get past Scarlot Rose that easily. She’s been waiting up all night, and has had plenty of long hours to work up a head of steam.

One scolding later, Denali finds herself stripped naked and bent over a chair ready for her punishment caning. Twelve firm, well-aimed strokes, while Denali squirms and gasps and tries her best to hold still as she’s been told.

She seems truly contrite when the caning is done, left rubbing her striped bottom as she puts away the chair and gathers up her clothes. Perhaps a painful, humiliating punishment like this was all she needed to set her back on the straight and narrow!

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What time do you call this? - Behind the Scenes

Alongside our usual collection of backstage giggles, bonus nudity and spanking negotiations, our crew had some sexy set-dressing to contend with on this shoot – we loved the black and white framed spanking stills on the walls, but they weren’t quite chiming with Scarlot’s in-character vibe! We also have a film-making revelation right there on set. I also didn’t realise that’s what they were for…



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Scarlot and Denali End of Shoot Interview

Scarlot and Denali had a long day shooting gorgeous fantasy scenarios with us, so when the last one wrapped Blake got them onto the sofa for a chat! Denali spends a lot of time working on more mainstream sets and relished the opportunity to bring their personal preferences to work, while Scarlot films mostly serious fantasies and intense real life kink so had a great time getting a bit wilder and sillier in some fun cosplay shoots. They also get into their favourite moments, their experiences on the scene and their first kinky memories. It’s a great introduction to these two excellent performers, and a lovely look behind the Dreams of Spanking curtain.

6 Responses

  1. Excellent scene.

    Taking away someone’s bra, and spanking them so their breasts jiggle with every stroke is, with some people, very effective in making them feel very self conscious and embarrassed.

    Mx. Rose does make the actual caning seem almost effortless — one get the impression that even one stoke of the cane could be overly severe if the punisher is not being very careful and thoughtful.

  2. An excellent tincture of eroticism: Denali’s elegant curves and waves, gorgeousness incarnate; Scarlot Rose is an embodiment of phallic sang-froid, all wrapped up in the mystery of their relationship. I like that the cane strokes were not too many and not too hard. Very realistic scenario.

  3. Re: JEB’s comment about no download function. Yes, though I have had access problems, I am halfway through my 12 month sub— so I can afford to sit out the current bugs. It would be a different matter if I was coming to the end of a monthly. I would feel very I’ll- done by.
    I can only hope the new owners honour the culture that was DofS. Maybe we’ll still get the back scenes, we were promised, of Queuing For the Cane? Will we?

  4. Whow Scarlet Rose really scary but that’s what is needed for her role……..She would make an excellent new teacher making her reputation loved her tone and delivery.
    Denali really sounds so penetant. And looked good

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