A Sweet Spanking Treat

Film (12:04) with 30 screengrabs
Willow bends over the kitchen counter, a cupcake in her mouth and her skirt pulled up and her bare bottom exposed as Scarlot spanks her with a wooden spoon

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Faerie Willow is having a go at Domestic Goddess – but it turns out baking isn’t exactly her forte! Rather than focus on icing her cupcakes, she finds herself swept away by an idle fantasy: skirt hitched up and smeared in frosting, if she’s going to be chained to the kitchen she’d rather have some marks to show for it.

This Dreams of Spanking Valentine’s special is a flirty, messy, sensual film, sweet as sugar and sharp as a slice. If only all our culinary mishaps ended with this much fun!


Preview Gallery

A Sweet Spanking Treat - Behind the Scenes

Things were just as sticky backstage, with Willow making sure the kitchen looked appropriately lived-in and the icing was sufficiently sweet! One of the many benefits of making a film like this is the mid-shoot snacks, of course – and there were plenty of cupcakes to go round even after Scarlot and Willow had practised their sugary gagging manoeuvres.


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  1. Heehee exciting! Remember the video many years ago where you spanked Molly in a similar situation? 🥰🍑

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