Stress Position Strapping

Film (10:50) with 48 screengrabs.
Denali Dink holds a downward facing dog position, her bare, red bottom on display, as PE teacher Scarlot Rose looks on

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Denali has become a bit of a serial truant from their PE class – who likes gym anyway, right? When Ms. Rose checks the register and realises quite how much they’ve missed, she decides to pull the reluctant student into her office and get to the bottom of it.

Keen to test Denali’s claims that they’re fit enough already and have no need of extra training, she gets them to hold a variety of stress positions designed to put them through their paces. When they start to struggle, she’s there with her regulation PE plimsoll to smack them back into line.

Once Denali is thoroughly humiliated and has truly begun to see the error of their ways, Ms. Rose finishes driving her point home with one last punishment: twelve sound strokes from the school strap, all delivered as Denali tries to hold a perfect plank.

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Stress Position Strapping - Behind the Scenes

This is a surprisingly edgy, emotional scene, particularly for anyone who struggled to enjoy PE lessons at school – which all serves to lend it power as a spanking fantasy. We had a gorgeous school-styled set to shoot it in, so we wanted to use the PE teacher’s office to its full advantage!
Backstage Denali and Scarlot practised their stress positions together, checked in with each other about how the strapping was going and made sure the cameras caught every moment.



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Scarlot and Denali End of Shoot Interview

Scarlot and Denali had a long day shooting gorgeous fantasy scenarios with us, so when the last one wrapped Blake got them onto the sofa for a chat! Denali spends a lot of time working on more mainstream sets and relished the opportunity to bring their personal preferences to work, while Scarlot films mostly serious fantasies and intense real life kink so had a great time getting a bit wilder and sillier in some fun cosplay shoots. They also get into their favourite moments, their experiences on the scene and their first kinky memories. It’s a great introduction to these two excellent performers, and a lovely look behind the Dreams of Spanking curtain.

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