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Sarah is an out-and-proud transgender woman who has been on the BDSM scene for 15 years, and she's angry about the new regulations targeting UK porn. Not only are the regulations draconian, she explains, the laws are also sexist: for instance they ban acts such as facesitting for purposes of asphyxiation, whereas gagging someone with hardcore deep throat is permitted.

In this free caning video Sarah puts her bottom on the line to fight the new UK porn laws, and bends over the sofa to expose her bare bottom for the cane. Nimue Allen gives her a warm up hand spanking before setting in with the cane: fifteen hard strokes that leave raised red stripes on Sarah's naked bottom. 

This film by Nimue Allen is the latest in our free caning porn series, released to help raise money for Backlash, and fight the UK porn laws. Please share it far and wide, and consider donating to Backlash so that Dreams of Spanking – and other kinky porn producers – can continue making videos without being censored.

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