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Preview image for Pride. Fauni Cate is over Richard Barton's lap for a bare bottom spanking

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Freshly returned from Pride, queer punk Fauni Cate is in trouble in this male/male spanking film. Dr Richard Barton makes it clear that while Fauni lives in his house, he must conform and suppress his true character. Barton's regressive attitudes come out when he notices Fauni's eye makeup, and he unleashes his anger by dishing out a punishment as old-fashioned as his homophobic values.

In ripped jeans, black eyeliner, and a whole host of gorgeous piercings, Fauni certainly doesn't match his uncle's ideas of respectability. When he stands up for himself and forcefully tells Dr Barton to mind his own business, Dr Barton decides that he needs to teach him an old-fashioned lesson over the knee

He orders Fauni to undo his belt and pull down his trousers before holding him over his lap for an embarrassing, painful punishment. As he delivers sharp smacks to Fauni's bare bottom, he gives the boy a lecture on respect – but will it have any effect? For Fauni's sake, we suspect – and seriously hope – not.

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

Pride - Behind the Scenes

Watch Dr Richard Barton trying to get into the character of a horrible uncle – having to tell Fauni Cate to repress his queer self when “My inclination is to say ‘yeah, fine!'” The out-takes for M/M spanking film Pride show how hard it can be for nice performers to be nasty to each other – perhaps almost as hard as learning how to undo a modern type of belt.

Join Fauni Cate behind the scenes of his first ever spanking porn shoot, as Pandora gives him a crash course in reactions, camera angles, and just the right amount of verbal protest when your co-star is giving you a bare bottom spanking.



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Fauni Cate

In Fauni’s debut porn performer interview, he lets us into what turns him on – a wide variety of things! Fauni describes himself as a queer, subby switch, with a penchant for sadism when he’s indulging his dominant side. Before shooting Fauni’s first ever spanking film, he and Pandora discuss upcoming plots, and the fact that in his first scene – Pride – he’s definitely playing the unfairly punished good guy to Dr Barton’s strict and horrible authority figure.

3 Responses

  1. Given Dr Barton’s true position on Fauni’s personal choices is totally cool, the homophobic attitude played out in the film is nicely done. I love the way Fauni’s abrupt eff off some way into the lecture sets the scene alight by provoking an angry non-pc tirade from ‘uncle’. I think I’m learning to enjoy the M/M scenes, but from a different perspective to say f/f or m/f or f/m. By the way great wordplay with the stage name “Fauni Cate”. Brings to mind the joke name for a seafarer – Seaman Stains.

  2. This was a tricky one, I was being asked to be something I am not – a repressed, homophobic, git! I enjoy the retro thing immensely, but don’t consider myself old-fashioned in my attitudes.

    As Fauni and Pandora will confirm, I found it hard to manufacture rage and disgust towards him, because when he said ‘This is my choice, it’s nothing to do with you!’ my instinct was to say ‘Fine, don’t have a problem with that,,,!’

    But this is acting, so I thought of the attitude of my own parents back in the 1970s if I’d turned up looking and speaking like Fauni – from there it was easy!

    Fauni was great! As a new-comer to the scene he took to it like a duck to water. It was a pleasure to work with him.

  3. I would love to have Fauni, Alexander and David together as boys getting in trouble with Fauni being the naughty leader with Alexander and David the followers! having them both over my knee would be Great!!

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