Nose to the Wall

Film (10:35 mins) with 9 screengrabs
Preview image for Nose to the Wall. James Coulson, dressed in a suit and tie, sits on a sofa. He is pointing his finger at the camera

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Mr. James Coulson is waiting for you in his office, and he knows just what a naughty boy you’ve been. He’s caned you before, but apparently it wasn’t enough to teach you a lesson – so this time he won’t be holding back.

Stripped naked and scolded thoroughly, you’re left squirming and humiliated and sent to stand in the corner for a solid half hour. To help you stay still, he’s even going to make you hold a coin to the wall with the tip of your nose. With your bare bottom exposed – with your bare everything exposed – there’s no hiding from your shame while you try to keep your position.

Of course, even when the film ends the story isn’t over for you. Because next comes your caning, and Mr. Coulson plans to keep going for as long as it takes…

Preview Gallery

Nose to the Wall - Behind the Scenes

Single-person shoots don’t necessitate as much on-set negotiation as scenes involving multiple performers, but there’s still plenty of discussion to be had. Behind the camera, Blake was keen to find ways to enhance the immersive POV feel of this scolding film – even if it meant taking a few spanks themself mid-shoot. What a hardship!


2 Responses

  1. Eke ? Wank moment ? I’ve only watched the behind-the-scenes material so far ; this is clearly going to be good. Promising new cast member

    James M

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