My Student Spanking

Film (07:05 mins) with 18 screengrabs
Preview image for My Student Spanking, with schoolboy Ky over the knee of strict teacher Mr S

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There seems no end to the trail of naughty schoolboys who come sulkily through Mr. S’s office, all looking for the punishment spankings they so richly deserve. The latest in the line is Ky, a repeat offender whose misdemeanours have landed him here all too often.

Sighing, long-suffering and keen to teach him a lesson, Mr. S orders the boy over his lap for the kind of long, rhythmic spanking you can really lose yourself in. As the blows rain down – first over school uniform, then over white cotton underwear, then at last straight on the bare – Ky slowly melts and reddens, especially as his all too strict teacher switches to a hairbrush and has him focus on his new guiding motto. I must behave, the boy chants, over and over, stroke after stroke.

Mr. S ends with a little corner time for Ky to rub his sore bottom and consider his future choices. But we reckon it won’t be long before he’s back in that office again – he seemed almost to enjoy his punishment, after all…

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