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Waiting Outside Assembly for the Cane

Film (running time 16:02) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 7 May 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

It’s an anxious start to the day for prefect Pandora Blake, as she waits outside the school hall for the most public caning she can imagine - and she hasn’t even earned it! 

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Tags: british, cane, film, hard punishment, Pandora Blake, school, school uniform, Solo X, solo-F

The only thing worse than being caned for something you didn’t even do is being caned for something you didn’t do in front of the whole school - but that’s just what Prefect Blake is facing this morning.

Someone’s set her up: she’s been framed for vandalism of a Governor’s car while on school grounds, and the Headteacher is convinced it was Pandora’s crime. Innocent as though she may be, she’s forced to face the rare public humiliation of being caned in a whole-school assembly, in front of all her teachers and peers.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s been given strict instructions on how to prepare for her unearned punishment. She’s to wait outside the school hall alone, and strip down to just her white school shirt and her regulation knickers. And then she’ll have to walk into the assembly like that, half-undressed, with hundreds of eyes on her - even carrying the cane itself!

Join her as she anxiously anticipates the spanking to come - the exposure, the embarrassment, and the sore striped welts.


very kinky and exciting!

That's how I felt filming it, so I'm glad you get the same feeling from watching it x

Oh my god so exciting navy blue knickers.

You like? I'll need to film in them more often ;)

A very engaging and erotic film once again Pandora. You are perhaps the only porn producer who can do solo films that keep your audience enthralled from start to finish. Loved the tights and when you presented your bum to camera - wow!

Thank you 💚 that means a lot!

Navy blue knickers

What a naughty girl you are Pandora, wearing two pairs of knickers ready for your caning, but I'm sure you will get found out and have to submit to further punishment once discovered.

Love the navy blue knickers by the way.

F xx

I have no doubt that the governor is wise to my tricks and will dole out further consequences for my insolence x

waiting to be caned

just great just walking about her tights and school knickers wonderful

waiting to be caned

just great just walking about her tights and school knickers wonderful

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