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Venus Chastising Cupid

Film (running time 9:11) with gallery of 72 screengrabs
Created 17 Mar 2022, last updated 26 Apr 2022



Faerie Willow and Clara Hewitt play out an ancient story: a hard hand spanking for Cupid from her mother Venus, to make up for all manner of divine mischief!

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Tags: behind the scenes, Clara Hewitt, Faerie Willow, film, F|F, hand spanking, OTK, sci-fi + fantasy, Strict, switch

Cupid has been causing trouble all over Mount Olympus, flirting with nymphs and shooting her arrows at people she shouldn’t. Just yesterday she was caned by her father Mars, the god of war - but somehow the bright, sore welts on her pert bottom don’t seem to have taught her a lesson.

Venus might be the goddess of love, but she’s also a despairing mother - and not at all a fan of her most sacred ideal being spread about willy-nilly. She’s left with no choice but to take her daughter over her lap and give her a thorough dose of divine punishment, right on top of the livid cane-marks from the night before.

Cupid is left to wriggle and squirm, pouting unhappily as Venus is struck by the notion of whipping her with one of her own misused arrows. Maybe this time the naughty little fairy will see the error of her ways?

Or, then again, maybe not...

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Venus Chastising Cupid - Behind the Scenes

Step behind the curtain to enjoy some bonus closeups of Willow's adorable outfit - not to mention her cherubic (and glowing) backside. She also helps a bronze stag to find his One True Love, and discovers that a simple garden cane is truly intense in the right hands. Meanwhile the crew are navigating a two-camera setup in a tight space - the usual hijinks ensue!

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I loved this . . . so funny!

Willow is well suited to playing this bratty character, and Clara is the perfect antidote to it!

Heavenly! Another triumph for Faerie, Clara and Pandora.

Thanks so much🙏 We had so much fun shooting together, I hope I can shoot with them more later this year!

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