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The Undergardener's Birching

Film (running time 8:38) with gallery of 33 photographs
Created 14 Apr 2013 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Tags: behind the scenes, birch, breeches, fair, film, F|M, Great House, hard punishment, historical, Nimue Allen (tog), outdoor, Pandora Blake, photogallery, scolding, Sebastian Hawley, strict, trans, Victorian & Edwardian, welts, workplace, X|M

After being spotted sneaking back into the estate after a night out drinking, undergardener Sebastian is taken to task by the strict Housekeeper. She bares his bottom for 30 stinging strokes of the birch.

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Photography: Nimue Allen


Wow, what a scene ! Not sure that the ear ring really suited his role as under gardener, but thoroughly enjoyed watching Mister Hawley receiving his birching from Miss Blake. Perhaps it's because I was brought up by a feminist Mother, but I enjoy watching F/M scenes so much more than M/F and perhaps even F/F. Great work.

Yeah, the plug was a shame, which is why I edited it out of the photos. But we decided that a gaping hole would look even stranger.

My general policy with this sort of anachronism is that I'd rather work with actors whom I can trust to carry a role and take the punishment well, but who perhaps have some ink or piercings or facial hair which aren't perfectly in period, than hire an unknown model who looks just right but may not be able to give as good a performance.

With male performers in particular, I am starting from scratch as no other sites pay professional men for their spanking work and every other male sub is an amateur. Half the time you can't even see their face to find out if they're cute or not, and even if they are cute, they aren't named so there's no way of getting in touch with them. As a result I'm starting with my personal network of contacts in hiring men that I can trust to do a good job. I won't hire anyone without meeting them first, and I've had a few interviews with interested male spankees now where just as I decided I wanted to work with them, they changed their minds.

I welcome each and every enquiry from interested guys who want to be in a video, but I am picky as hell. A male spankee needs to be confident, charismatic, youthful and have a good body and nice face. They need to be able to take a spanking, follow direction and improvise believable dialogue. I also only work with performers who have passion for their work and creative input to offer into the scenes we do, and aren't just doing it for the cash - I've turned down female spankees on these grounds before.

In the face of all that, an earplug seems like a silly thing to get hung up on. But yes, I am acutely aware of each and every anachronism, and working to improve the attention to detail in each new production. As our cast grows and the options available to me expand, I am hoping that I'll have the luxury of being more perfectionistic with my casting. Until then, I still enjoy historical scenarios and don't want to avoid them entirely just because the majority of my cast are in the alternative scene and most of us have body modifications of one sort or another.


It's been far too long since I had a good birching. I wish I could be next!

Well you know, I do offer top sessions - if you're in London, it could be arranged!

I wish

I wish I could travel. If I do get to London, I will be sure to get in touch. ;-)

Your site really is quite unique in catering for all spanking tastes...Mf, Ff, Fm and even Mm. It really brings spanking into a proper sense of proportion. The vast majority of sites only focus on Mf or Ff spanking, which gives the impression that only girls should be like o be spanked! I enjoyed this video, although I think you were being very careful and gentle with that birch. They do make a lovely sound. It's just a shame they are so tricky to make and that you spend such a long time afterwards hovering up unless you go al fresco!
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Yes, yes, YES. That's exactly it. Not only women like to be spanked, not only women deserve to be spanked, and not all women do either! Spanking fantasies should be about PEOPLE who deserve or enjoy spanking, without any focus on one or the other gender. Men and women can be top, bottom, switch or none of the above, and a site which only focuses one one orientation risks implying that a specific interest is, or should be, a cultural default. Spankings for all who want them, I say!

I wasn't being as severe as I could have been with the birch, no, but even so, this whipping was intense and definitely had an effect, as you can see in the photos. It was a very cold day and the strokes were applied from cold, which always makes it hurt more. Sebastian had never been birched before and I think he was exceptionally brave. Next door, perhaps, if he wants to be pushed a little further in terms of severity, I will make sure it's a nice and warm indoor room!

Au bois

Ah que j'aimerais etre fessée comme ça !!!

Very wise words, but what do they mean ?

Victorian governess

I just love this scenario and would happily trade places with Sebastian. How about a scenario with Pandora as a Victorian governess chastising a naughty lad with the birch while he is placed across her lap?

I'm not sure a birching would work over the knee, but this is a hot thought! I meant to shoot a Victorian governess birching scene during our location shoot last week actually, but sadly the lad who had asked for it ended up not being able to make it. Instead there's a video of Mike getting the birch from Tom... I will definitely reprise the governess theme next time I shoot some F/M video though!

over the knee birching by Victorian governess

Pandora, you should definitely give an over-the-knee birching a try! It will surely work if a short rod is used. How embarrassing for the naughty lad being placed face down across the lap of his governess having his bare bottom striped by the birch!

under gardener birching

I found this to be a magnificent film of by gone times !!!
I felt every stroke and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one !!
Pandora you can do that to me at anytime you'd like , PLEASE

Ian xx

I've never received the birch myself, but admit to being curious about it. I have however, years ago witnessed a lover being birched very severely. It was a very moving experience.
Well done Sebastian and Pandora! A great film!


Growing up at 16/17 my mother would've had no problem with me working on an estate where all it took was someone saying "the birch for him" to be marched immediately to a richly deserved whipping.

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