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Texan Discipline

Film (running time 13:50) with gallery of 54 high res screengrabs
Created 6 Aug 2012 , updated 24 Feb 2022

Performers: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Jerry Diamond, Pandora Blake



Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, barefoot, consensual, domestic discipline, fair, film, hard punishment, Jerry Diamond, light-hearted, M|F, M|X, paddle, Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, positive, scolding, true story

Pandora's Texan host is unhappy with her partying late and not wearing sunscreen. He decides a dose of the big paddle is required. Amelia is fascinated, but we all know what curiousity did to the cat...

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This was a bit of a real life discipline scenario, although the impetus for the punishment came from me rather than Jerry. Amelia and I were staying in Dallas for the Texas All State Spanking Party, and the day before the party I'd broken the cardinal rule and burned myself swimming in an outdoor pool without wearing sunscreen. In Texas! I felt thoroughly stupid. I was also burning the candle at both ends staying up all night and getting up early for shoots including this one. All in all, it seemed like a great excuse for the traditional Texan paddling I was determined to get before going home.

The large wooden paddle is an object of fear, fascination and dread for me. I hate it, and perhaps as a result it's one of my top fantasy implements. I've been paddled only one or two times, and so it has retained that horror of the unknown which can lead to the most powerfully stomach-churning pre-spanking anticipation.

Amelia seemed to be on a mission to get as many paddlings as possible in Texas, and so it seemed appropriate for her to play a character who was overly fascinated witnessing her friend's punishment, and so ended up provoking one of her own. Jerry Diamond (a friend of Ten Amorette's and he really is a cowboy!) stepped in to do the honours, and we both loved playing with him. After this paddling I can honestly say that I remembered to wear sunscreen every day for the rest of my stay in Texas!

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Lovely Paddling

From the sound of the paddle on your bare bottom and skirt the wood seems quite heavy, which means it quite hurt a lot. I enjoy the swats over your skirts. It's like a proper spanking gone bad, as the punisher feels more severe steps should be taken, or becomes secretly turned on and needs to see more. Plus, he kept swatting you in the same spot. Congrats for staying in position.

Well it felt pretty heavy, I can tell you. Actually I was a bit concerned that the sound didn't come across as being very impressive - it's nice to know a true paddle buff can tell! Thanks for the congrats, it wasn't easy to take, but very satisfying :)

Two Great Shapely Ample Bottoms..!

It it so great to see two such great shapely bottoms together, both Pandora and Amelia Jane are so spankable...and such a sexy pair.

Thankyou! We do love working together - when it comes to the improvisation we bounce off each other very nicely :)

Amelia was such a delight in this! And ouch, that looked like it hurt.

It really did! It's amazing how subdued the sound is in the finished video. It seemed mind-bendingly loud at the time - or perhaps that was just the volume of pain making it seem louder! It's funny how with wood the pain is absolutely instant - rather than with a cane or crop, where it takes a second or more to sink in.

Well Taken

This is a great film Pandora and its nice to see an American paddling
I think you all played very well together making for a really interesting film
One of the best things I like about your site is browse by keyword so useful
to find the film and players you want to watch

A fascinating film. I loved Amelia's character - her delightful and all-too-fatal curiosity!

The paddlings looked quite painful, too!

Man must educate his girlfriend to have a good wife.

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