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Strict Wife Scolding

Film (running time 10:53) with gallery of 9 screengrabs.
Created 6 Oct 2022, last updated 21 Oct 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

You’ve been checking out other women, and Pandora Blake is not impressed - so it’s a severe hairbrush spanking for you in this strict POV scolding.

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Tags: domestic discipline, hairbrush, Pandora Blake, POV, scolding, solo F, solo X, strict

You love your wife, and you love the control she has over you and the way she keeps you in line. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t find your gaze straying to other women from time to time - you’re only human, after all! And there’s no harm in looking, right? Just so long as you don’t get caught...

Trouble is, your wife is a perceptive woman - and she knows you and your wandering eyes. Indiscretions like this will be paid for, and you know it. When she’s finished scolding you for your bad behaviour you’ll be put over her lap and given the hairbrush thrashing of a lifetime - the kind that leaves you sore and aching for hours, feeling it every time you sit down for days afterwards.

Maybe you’ll learn your lesson now, and keep your eyes to yourself - or maybe it won’t be long before you give into temptation and earn another of your wife’s severe punishments.


Perfect for my naughty bum :)

pandora blakenaughty hubby


Strict Wife Scolding

Love this. So close to my real life desires. Oh to have a wife like this. I hope this character returns soon.

This character originally is from the film Just Wait Til I Get You Home and was brought back to life for this custom film! I'd love to bring her back for another custom in the future :)

strict wife scolding

just excellent Ma.am very true to lfe Ma.am

just adore it

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