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Strapped and Caned

Film (running time 14:53) with gallery of 24 screengrabs
Created 20 May 2015, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Pandora Blake moans with pleasure and urges John Phillips to hit her harder in this beautifully intimate, candid strapping and caning porn film that leaves her bare bottom visibly welted.

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Tags: asked for, bare bottom, belt, bottom grasping, cane, consensual, domestic, film, hard punishment, John Phillips, lingerie, M|F, M|X, Pandora Blake, real life, stockings, strap

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Wearing only black stockings and suspenders, Pandora Blake lies facedown on the bed and offers her bare bottom for punishment. First it's the long leather strap, and her moans and soft gasps make it clear that she's enjoying herself. Some soothing bottom rubs for a good girl, then John picks up the heavier, doubled over strap.

The strokes fall in rapid succession, making Pandora cry out in pain. John moves around the bed to make sure the thrashing impacts both buttocks equally. Pandora counts out twelve final very hard strokes with the strap, and by the end her bottom is red and sore.

The scene isn't over yet, however - it's time for the cane. John has selected a long, thick cane, with just the sort of thud Pandora likes. First he gives her some rapid, percussive taps, which pepper her bottom with a gradually building sting until she is squirming with pleasure, then the caning starts in earnest - and you can tell from Pandora's involuntary groan that the first stroke feels good. Her moans get louder over the next ten strokes, and the one after that makes her rear up and kick her feet. After eighteen hard cane strokes, Pandora tells John, "I think I'm ready for a bit more thud."

The final strokes, with an even thicker cane, are given with Pandora bending over the bar stool, reaching forward and holding onto the legs with both hands - a much more vulnerable position. She keeps count, thanking John for each stroke as the caning builds in intensity. After nine, she confesses, "I know this is weird, but I think I need them to be a bit harder" - and John obliges. Only after another twenty four very hard cane strokes, with Pandora groaning with pleasure and urging John to hit her harder, is she satisfied. A beautifully candid, intimate strapping and hard caning film. 


Some lovely angles, showing your bare bottom's beautiful size and shape, nicely ornamented with your stockings and suspenders.

Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it!

Beautifully sexy

Pandora you are a treasure. What a great film. It is always very err moving when you get a spankee that appreciates your work.

Thank you! This was a simple scene so I'm glad it's struck a chord with people. I do like getting my bottom spanked :)

How can one not go a little weak at the knees at this?

I certainly did!

That is an intense scene. The stockings and suspenders nicely framed your lovely bottom. Listening to your moans as your bottom grew redder and redder made this clip great viewing.Do you always ask your partners to go harder? Anyway, great work!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I don't always ask my partners to go harder - only when they're skilful enough to really whet my appetite ;)

Fabulous scene!

Thank you, it was wonderfully erotic to shoot :)

I'm only now getting my husband to spank me but set such a beautiful example that some we'll progress this far. ❤

Longing . . .

Here I am, watching this beautiful caning, really wishing I had asked for more. Realising now that I certainly could have taken more, much more. Out of all the punishments it's the memory of the cane that is uppermost in my mind. And I'm no longer afraid. Just longing for more.
Thankyou for your care, patience and skill.

Which cane?

Pandora, could you let me have the details of the cane you used on me, so that I could obtain one? Many thanks in anticipation.


So enjoyed watching this again this morning, having just returned from our holiday in Turkey where of course Dreams of Spanking is not accessible. I think if it were me receiving this level of punishment, I would need to be restrained.
I wonder if you would be prepared to restrain me in order for me to receive such a severe punishment?

Hmmm, definitely something to consider for any future punishments...

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