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A Spanking at School Means a Spanking at Home - part 2

Film (running time 8:38) with gallery of 48 screengrabs
Created 28 May 2021, last updated 26 Oct 2021



Richard McLean’s backside is still sore when he gets home from school, but he and his sister Pandora both know that won’t keep their father Stephen Lewis from reinforcing the Headmistress’s message.

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, domestic, film, hard punishment, M|M, Pandora Blake, paternal, Richard Mclean, school uniform, scolding, slipper, Stephen Lewis, Strict

We rejoin recalcitrant schoolboy Richard on the sofa, where he’s telling his sister all about what’s happened that day. She knows as well as he does what’s coming next: their father will not be happy about this.

And indeed he isn’t, with the news of his son’s misdemeanours coming as an unwelcome surprise at the end of a long day at work. Determined to teach this lesson once and for all, he instructs his daughter to stay and watch as Richard is firmly scolded, ordered to pull his trousers down and bent over the sofa for a hard slippering.

This would hurt under any circumstances, of course, but Richard’s backside is still bright red from the caning he received earlier that day. Kelley May didn’t go easy on him, and Stephen Lewis doesn’t either...

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A Spanking at School Means a Spanking at Home - part 2 - Behind the Scenes

As promised with Part 1, we've got some proper backstage content for you too this week. This scene wasn't easy for Richard - but he did a great job of making sure he was able to take his spanking in a way that worked for him! Listen in as the cast and crew discuss holding position, breathing through the pain and the importance of a top's ability to read body language.

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Interview with Richard Mclean, Kelley May and Stephen Lewis
Richard Mclean, Kelley May, Stephen Lewis

We certainly worked Richard hard on his first shoot with us: we made eight new films that day, all but one of which he wrote himself! Somewhere amongst it all he found time to sit down with Pandora and his other co-stars for a cosy interview chat about spanking fantasies, pain tolerance and the elements of a truly hot roleplay. I’m a porn star baby, let’s go!

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At least Richard doesn't suffer the indignity of his sister Pandora being able to see his bare bottom. At least I don't think she can see it from where she is!

A small saving grace in an otherwise utterly humiliating scenario for Richard!

lovely and androgynous

I love how those white pants define the recess of Richards bottom. He is lovely and androgynous!

Heaven for bisexuals

As a bi dude and a switch, visiting a site with no restrictions on gender or who plays spanker/spankee, it makes me so happy :)

THIS! 🙌 This makes me so happy. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I launched the site. Thank you 💜

I really loved this - the strict father role played by Stephen, contrasted by the supposed sympathy and comfort from you as his sister, Pandora. Although in reality I'm certain you were enjoying every moment of seeing Richard slippered! Well done Richard, you took quite a punishment!

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