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A Very Sorry Young Lady

Film (running time 11:40) with gallery of 81 screengrabs
Created 11 Feb 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Pandora Blake squirms with embarrassment as Stephen Lewis inspects her knickers - and gives her a hard spanking with the leather belt over his knee to teach her some respect.

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, belt, bottom grasping, domestic, embarrassment, hand spanking, M|F, M|X, Pandora Blake, paternal, Stephen Lewis, Strict, white cotton knickers

“Dirty, disobedient girls go over the knee for a bare-bottom belting, don’t they?”

Stephen Lewis wastes no time in getting Pandora over his lap, and this film starts as it means to go on - with an exposed young lady kicking and whimpering under her disciplinarian’s hard belt. Stephen refuses to let up as she kicks and whimpers under every hard stroke.

The dialogue is as hot as the belting, with the sort of quiet, withering scolding that will make any spankee flush bright red with shame. To add to her humiliation, Mr Lewis continues his habit of inspecting her underwear for "cleanliness" - and of course, if her knickers are not clean enough for his liking, it means the punishment will be all the harder. 

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A Very Sorry Young Lady - Behind the Scenes

See how the sausage is made with a glimpse into how we shoot on a single-camera set. Spoiler alert - a lot of stopping and starting of bits that look very natural in the finished product! Includes negotiation re Pandora's panties, and a quick last-minute plot decision. And if you've ever wondered how real the punishments are - well, our seasoned spanking veteran is spotted needing to take some good care of her thoroughly red bottom!

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A Very Sorry Young Lady......

...with a gorgeous bottom beautifully presented. Your lush nates are shown off to perfection in this film Pandora, and of all your various manifestations I love your hair like this.

Thank you so much! I'm loving this hair too, I feel so cute with it :)

I love this scene, it really pushes a lot of kinky buttons for me with regards to the dynamic and the humiliation aspects. Fabulous as always x

The humiliation is the hottest part isn't it? Unngh!

Great scene

That was really fun to watch. I love watching you take down your pants and present your bottom for punishment. I never doubted the reality of the punishment, but I also enjoyed seeing that the spanking did have an effect on you.

I think that you look fine with your hair as it is in the scene, or as it is at the end of the behind-the-scenes video.

Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it. This was my first "proper" spanking in a while and I found it really hot. Stephen's expert scolding definitely helped!

I'm having fun playing with different hairstyles. Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

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