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Snake Eyes

Spanking audio story (running time 09:07)
Created 24 Jun 2020, last updated 30 Oct 2020
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Narrated by Zak Jane Keir


F/F F/M Solo F

Tags: audio, bare bottom, BDSM, cold caning, consensual, domestic, firm hand spanking, F|F, F|M, hand spanking, OTK, paddle, playful, solo-F, zakjanekeir

Zak Jane Keir reads this tantalising erotic audio story of firm spanking, delicious suspense and sheer chance. The fate of your rear end hinges on a roll of the dice, so you’d better roll well...


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“Both the wider external universe and the little world we share can be random, capricious, alarming and delightful” - so Zak Jane Keir reminds you in the opening lines of this POV audio porn story.

She tenderly describes a battered tin box: small, slightly scruffy, decorated on the lid with pictures in black and red. Enclosed in a circle in the centre, the words ‘SNAKE EYES’. What could it be for? It’s too small to hold a spanking implement, and surely too simple to be some strange new instrument of high-tech torture. Instead it contains your fate: a pair of dice that you will roll, on command, determining your own punishment with no way to control the results.

And what will happen if your dice come up snake eyes


Nice to hear

Zak Jane Keir’s voice is lovely on my ears. I have twin Sonos speakers, so it is as if she is in the room. I would love to be on the receiving end of her female phallic power. X

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