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Singapore Sting

Film (running time 19:19) with gallery of 12 screengrabs
Created 11 Aug 2022, last updated 20 Aug 2022


Solo F Solo X

Jet-setting executive Pandora Blake has found herself in a sticky situation in a women’s correctional facility. Can she handle the severe judicial caning she’s about to receive?

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Tags: Cane, hard punishment, judicial, Pandora Blake, Solo F, Solo X

Pandora’s used to getting her own way: she’s a highly successful businesswoman, after all. When she meets up with an old flame in Singapore, she decides to take the opportunity to reconnect with him - but when his wife discovers their indiscretions, Pandora soon finds herself in way over her head.

We join her outside the caning room of a local women's correctional facility, where she’s under strict instructions to strip down to her bra, knickers and tights while she awaits her punishment. She shares her story as she disrobes - including the deeply embarrassing hand spanking she’s already received - and waits nervously for her turn on the block, toying apprehensively with the selection of nasty caning implements she’s been told to carry in when it’s her turn.

Meanwhile she can see other unfortunates as they come and go, weeping and humiliated and covered in bright red welts. Will she be able to take her twenty-four strokes, or will this undeserved punishment prove to be too much?


Singapore sting

Pandora, You look absolutely incredible in tights , pants in this clip , hope don’t mind me saying , love everything you direct, produce but you really excel in judicial stories and sciences .DOS is absolutely top site in your genre x

Scenes not science lol x

I did enjoy this, but it's rather a shame that there were no sound effects. You talked about being able to hear the sounds of the others being punished, so if would have been wonderful to hear at least the sounds of the cane swishing in the background whilst you were talking about being able to hear it. It would have made the whole scenario much more realistic.
....and of course, if we could have seen you actually caned at the end, well.... that would have been absolutely superb!
I hope you don't mind me saying - on the whole, I absolutely adore your films, as you know, but this one could definitely be improved by a few sound effects!

Thank you for this feedback! It was a custom film so was made to the particular desires of the client, but I hear your notes about how it can be improved for a general audience. Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback :)

excellent site how do I subsibe want to make your I am a member
pleas thak you

excellent site how do I subsibe want to make your I am a member
pleas thak you

That's wonderful to hear! You can follow the instructions on https://dreamsofspanking.com/pages/main/join to subscribe. If that doesn't work, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can set it up manually for you :)

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